As a real estate agent, you’re probably going out and about all day, which makes your mobile device or smartphone the main platform for doing your work, as well as connecting with colleagues and clients. Real estate marketing trends like social media platforms, multimedia content, software, and apps emerge daily, which can make keeping up with the times quite difficult at times. These highly-popular and useful mobile apps are essential for any real estate agent (and most working adults, for that matter) to handle daily tasks efficiently and create a positive and lasting impression on potential clients.

Best of all? These mobile apps are FREE!

dropbox app logo#1 – Dropbox
Available on: Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone
Save all your forms, agreements, photos and other important work documents on Dropbox to save precious storage space and prevent loss of data, in case something unexpected happens to your laptop or smartphone. You can sync multiple devices to one account, which enables you to access all your documents and images from anywhere, anytime.

cam scanner app logo#2 – Cam Scanner
Available on: iOS, Android, and Windows Phone
Need to use a scanner but being constantly on the go makes it nearly impossible? Cam Scanner allows you to turn your smartphone into a scanner – just use your phone camera to take a picture of a document, and the app does the rest. Don’t worry, the resulting PDF file looks like it was really scanned with a scanner and not like a grainy photograph at all.

google maps app logo#3 – Google Maps
Available on: Web, Android, iOS, Windows Phone
With the Google Maps app, you can search for the location of properties, save destinations, and share locations with buyers. Some websites even allow you to directly embed the location into the webpage, making it easier for buyers to find and reach the address given.

QR Reader app logo#4 – QR Reader
Available on: iOS, Android (other QR code scanning apps available across all platforms)
Many companies and products now use QR codes to link their target audience to websites, promotions, and even professional personal profiles. For example, real estate agents who have listings on have a custom QR code that they can share on name cards and banners, which when scanned will lead them directly to their agent profile and property listings.

converter plus app logo#5 – Converter Plus (Converter+)
Available on: iOS, Android, and Windows Phone
Mobile app converters are extremely handy when you need to quickly convert currency rates, measurements, temperature, sales tax, BMI, and well… everything you else you can think of. An extremely useful app, even if you’re not a real estate agent.

zillow mortgage calculator app logo#6 – Zillow Mortgage Calculator
Available on: Web, iOS, Android
Zillow is a multi-use platform mainly used for property search. However, for local (Malaysian) real estate agents, just having the mortgage calculator app is good enough, as it will make calculating mortgage rates and amounts as easy as a few taps on the screen.

instagram app logo#7 – Instagram
Available on: iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Before you dismiss Instagram as a platform where selfies and artistic coffee photos rule, consider that it is one of the most often used apps in Malaysia (besides Facebook and Twitter), making it the perfect platform to increase your viewership and potential client base. You can create an Instagram account to post photos of your listed properties, use video to highlight the main attributes of your listings, and even post short video walk-throughs of properties for buyers to view.

animoto app logo#8 – Animoto
Available on: iOS, Android
Taking the Instagram video to a whole new level, you can use this video editing app on your mobile to create beautiful videos to showcase properties for sale. Merge photos and videos, add text and music, then share them on your social media platforms, property listings, and even YouTube! Buyers will definitely be more interested, and you’ll be able to attract higher views of your property listings.