Last Friday (25 Sept), had its very first official event at Hangout123!


In conjunction with the opening of’s official event space, Hangout123, a feng shui talk was held on 25 September 2015 (Friday). A group of about 20 real estate agents was exclusively invited to attend the talk, which saw Master James Lai share some useful feng shui tips for residential properties and home interiors.

About an hour before the event started at 11am, the Estate123 team were at the venue arranging the chairs, setting-up the registration table and banners, and making sure everything was in place. All the guests were really punctual, and the feng shui talk proceeded like clockwork, starting at 11.30am with a short introduction to Estate123, Hangout123 and Master James Lai before the talk commenced.

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The three main components of a house (阳宅三要) are the main door, master bedroom and kitchen. Here are some tips we picked up during the feng shui talk:

Main Door

  • should not be more than 8 ft tall
  • the side door should not be bigger than the main door
  • always use the main door to enter and exit
  • avoid having a staircase leading directly to the main door

Master Bedroom / Bedroom

  • a bedroom with right angles (e.g. square or rectangle room) are the best
  • a room with irregular angles may disrupt the flow of positive energy and generate negative energy
  • avoid positioning your bed with your feet facing the door or window


  • position the stove against a wall
  • the sink must not be higher than the stove
  • water outlets (e.g. sink) should be placed at least 2.5 – 3 ft away

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Everyone was captivated by the tips shared during the feng shui talk – which was conducted in Mandarin (Chinese) – and the guests were comfortable enough in the cozy setting of Hangout123 to ask questions freely about various household feng shui aspects, which Master James Lai patiently explained and answered during the talk. Even the Estate123 team had fun learning about the topic! 😀

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After the feng shui talk, the guests were treated to a light lunch buffet of delicious home-made food, including steamed glutinous rice, tuna and egg sandwiches, stuffed rice rolls, savoury yam cake, curry chicken and potato puffs, and for dessert, mini baked cheese tarts. Packet drinks like chrysanthemum tea, soya bean milk, iced lemon tea and cool filtered water was also provided for everyone to quench their thirst.

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The guests took the opportunity to mingle and network with the Estate123 team and other agents while enjoying the good food prepared especially for the event. Besides a special promotion by Estate123 for subscription packages, all the guests were also offered a feng shui consultation promotion by Feng Shui Gateway which included special discounts for properties.

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Once everyone had filled their tummies and got to know each other (and better, it was time for a group photo!

group photo

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the guests, and Master James Lai, for attending our first Hangout123 event and making it a great success. 😀 We hope to see you all again at our next event, and we promise that there will be more exciting events by Estate123 organized at Hangout123 in the future!

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P/S: Head over to our Facebook page for more photos from the event! 🙂