It was a beautiful Tuesday morning on the day of our Estate123 event, “Real Estate Online Marketing: 6 Sure-Fire Ways to Increase Your Exposure & Leads” with SEO expert Robin Ooi. The team was there bright and early to setup the venue, from arranging the chairs to making sure everything was working properly.

Despite it being a public holiday for Selangor, the event venue was full when the talk started, with extra chairs added for some of the guests who were running a little late. The talk began with the speaker introducing himself, and a bit of background into why he went from a boring drafter job to a successful online marketing professional.

Are you selling a house, or a lifestyle?

During his talk, Robin covered the following 6 ways on how to increase online exposure and generate leads for websites, listings, and even personal brands:

  • Creative social media marketing
  • Lead generation and mobile-friendly websites
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Email marketing
  • Partnership
  • Retargeting


He pointed out that in order to catch audience’s attention, it was important to ‘sell’ them a creative or unique point of view; buyers do not merely buy a property, but are most likely attracted to the lifestyle or atmosphere that comes with it. It is also important to interact with your audience via social media in order to build familiarity, goodwill and trust.

Responsive web design was also highlighted, especially when it comes to websites and applications. This is because visitors can access your website from various devices, so a mobile- and tablet-friendly website that adapts to different screen sizes will make it easier for visitors to navigate, not to mention add ‘points’ towards your SEO.

estate123 event SEO talk why is SEO important

You often hear people talking about SEO (short for ‘search engine optimisation‘) when it comes to online marketing, but what is it exactly? Well, we’re not the experts – you should’ve attended the event to learn about it from Robin 😛 – but basically, the more your website or page shows up when people search for certain terms related to your property or business, the better your chances of being seen and getting leads. It also involves a lot of back-end wizardry (your website’s tags, keywords, descriptions, titles, images, content, page speed, etc) so it may take some effort, but the results are worth it.

Robin also touched on email marketing, which he suggested real estate agents utilise to promote their properties and keep their clients updated. For example, the agents can create a catalogue – for example, using the Estate123 e-Magazine function – which they can then send out to a list of their contacts via email newsletter. It’s a great way to keep in touch with old and new clients, who might even recommend leads from their contacts.


After the talk, the guests were introduced to the various property listing features of, as well as future upgrades for the website and Estatate123’s expansion plans to other ASEAN markets. The guests were treated to a simple lunch of pizza, and everyone mingled around while enjoying their lunch.



It was another successful event for Estate123, and a great way to wrap up Estate123 events for 2016. We look forward to organising more exciting and informative events for our members in 2017!

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