GUANGZHOU, China, Nov. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Guangzhou’s new iconic landmark, the inspirational Zaha Hadid designed Infinitus Plaza officially opened its doors in November 2021.

Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza
Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza

H Properties
H Properties

The result of visionary foresight and around five years in planning and development, Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza reflects the spirit of Constant Entrepreneurship embedded in H Properties Limited (“H Properties”), a global investor in properties endorsed by LKK Health Products Group. Located on a 45,280 square metre site, situated in the prime location of Southern Baiyun New Town, Guangzhou, and the result of a planned investment of RMB 4.5 billion, the new development ushers in a new vision for H Properties for property asset management and supreme management services matching the global masterpiece of hi-tech building design.

Zaha Hadid’s “Infinite Loop” Architectural Concept

Envisaged by Zaha Hadid’s creative concept of an “infinite loop”, the curved hyperboloid design comprises of loops and layers built up to embrace the tenants and all the building’s visitors, with the custom designed aluminium façade turning the entire building into a 3D structure.

In pushing the boundaries of architecture, design, engineering as well as construction and responding to its immediate surroundings and the environment, this architectural masterpiece represents a world leading example of a hi-tech and environmental-friendly development.  

One such innovation is the hi-tech translucent “bubble-film” – or ETFE film translucent air-pillow – covering the roof of the South Atrium, developed in accordance with “Green Building Three Star” accreditation and the internationally-recognised LEED environmental protection standard. The “bubble-film” roof allows for 40% light transmittance, whilst effectively filtering out harmful UV rays.  This green technology enables users of Infinitus Plaza to enjoy longer natural light exposure. The building also incorporates an automatically adjustable cooling system, protecting the interior environment from excessive heat. These two technologies bring savings in both air-conditioning and lighting energy consumption.     

A Visionary Office Environment

The building’s unique and innovative design heralds a new type of office and workplace environment. The careful consideration for creating connectivity and community in creating very exciting communications spaces has resulted in a functional, flexible, and fluid workplace, whilst evoking the concept of “an office that does not look like an office” in both look and feel.

Taking a very different approach to the traditional commercial and office business model, the project adopts the design concept of a “garden-style” environment. The outdoor plaza is designed with a large stepped green garden landscape belt, with some 35% of the development allocated to green spaces.

Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza features two intertwined tower blocks. Each floor of the complex represents a total of around 6,000 square metres, comprising open space and a large outdoor balcony area. The open footprint of each floor enables tenants to plan their office as they want, with adequate room for workplace leisure facilities such as a cafe, fitness areas or other leisure space, enabling an open space for communication and interaction so as to make a happy working environment for their staff.

Tower B reserves its first three floors for commercial use, aiming at providing an “enriching experience”, through a layout including diversified businesses such as car showroom, food, beauty, lifestyle, and technology. This provides the office tenants with a chance to fully enjoy their leisure time after a busy workday. Meanwhile, the office building brings a constant flow of customer footfall to the integrated shopping mall. As the office building and the shopping mall mutually empower each other, an internal “inner loop” of work, social leisure activity and retail shopping experiences is created.

“Great building design does more than create great buildings. Infinitus Plaza represents a new identity in workplace environments, allowing for connectivity and attractiveness, whilst also stimulating social interactivity and spontaneous communication,” explained Satoshi Ohashi, the Director of Zaha Hadid Architects.

Supreme Property Management Services

Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza has inspired a new era from world-renowned property management companies, in providing “super supreme” property management services and engineering management services. This will be achieved through convenient and intimate property services, rapid and efficient customer service, creative activities and a highly-personal management experience, to create a caring, fun, vibrant and creative working and business atmosphere.

H Properties will usher in a new level of supreme property management services to match Guangzhou’s iconic masterpiece to create a “happier place, with happier people”. H Properties’ “Happy Moment” service ethos will be implemented at Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza. The unique concept consists of a series of events specifically tailored for the white-collar worker, dedicated to creating a relaxed atmosphere for integrating from work into leisure activity and entertainment. Regular events will be hosted including DIY courses, Switch game competitions, afternoon tea sharing sessions, yoga courses, and other events. H Properties will create a comfortable and “Happy” social space for tenants, which are already proving popular with many office tenants at Hong Kong Infinitus Plaza.

“We explore and we innovate constantly, with the single-minded objective of providing comfortable places for people to feel better, work better and ultimately to live better,” explained Andy Ma, General Manager of Asset Management, H Properties Greater China. “This philosophy lies at the core of H Properties. So when we say, ‘We create places for people’, what we do is creating ‘Happier Places, Happier People’.”

H Properties manages landmark buildings across tier-one cities in China and internationally, including Infinitus Plaza in Hong Kong, Infinitus Centre in Guangzhou, Infinitus Tower in Shanghai, 20 Fenchurch Street and 23-39 Eastcheap in London. 

About H Properties Limited

H Properties Limited, a subsidiary of LKK Health Products Group, is an international property investment company that continues to innovate, inspire happiness and create the ultimate cool experiences for tenants and customers with healthy and refreshing spaces for office operation, living and leisure, in shaping the best environment for ‘happier places, happier people’. The company adheres to the strategy for long-term healthy development for projects by considering long-term benefits for projects, establishing extensive collaborative partnership with tenants and local community with perseverance, and continuously investing in premium management. Currently, H Properties Limited owns and manages a range of commercial landmarks in Hong Kong, Shanghai, London and Guangzhou, while gradually enhancing the comprehensive asset management ecosystem.