PHUKET, Thailand, Dec. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Hachi Yin, CEO and Founder of Utopia Corporation (UCORP), has been named one of Asia’s Most Admirable Young Leaders by ACES Awards 2021, which is organized by MORS Group, a testament to his strong visions for the Phuket property development scene. This includes his success in bringing Utopia to new heights.

Hachi Yin CEO and Founder of Utopia Corporation
Hachi Yin CEO and Founder of Utopia Corporation

Hachi Yin grew up in Melbourne, Australia. His belief that dreams can be made a reality led him from Melbourne to Phuket, where he established Utopia in 2015 with the company’s slogan “Dare to Dream” as the region’s top real estate and hospitality development corporation.

Under the savvy leadership of its CEO, Hachi Yin, with his strong determination, creative ideas, resourceful strategies, and willingness to make the company succeed, Utopia has quickly risen to become one of Phuket’s leading players in this industry. We have now completed development of 8 projects in prime locations across Phuket in only 5 years. This included apartments, villas, and commercial complexes with approximately 2,000 keys and a combined total area of 120,000 square meters at an investment cost of 8,000 million Baht. This collection of imaginative, shareworthy villas and residences is meant to inspire a new generation of buyers and reinvigorate the market.

Hachi is also focused on transforming Utopia Corporation into a digital organization, using tools such as virtual walkthroughs and 360-degree images to present projects, build relationships with potential buyers, and ensure they have a perfectly branded experience during the COVID-19 crisis. Driven by the cutting-edge technologies developed by its affiliate, Zeus Teknology, Utopia Corporation’s subdivisions have been instrumental in the company’s ongoing success.

But Utopia is far from finished. With Hachi’s vision, the hospitality business is a new opportunity with high growth potential. Currently, the corporation has launched Utopia Hospitality Group (UHG), a flagship hospitality management company, and it is a dynamic new player in the Asia-Pacific hotel sector, with a vision to create daring concepts and lifestyle experiences that transform the world of hospitality.

Hachi Yin’s leadership style is unique and couldn’t easily be mimicked. His warm soul, playful yet charming character, and good sense of humor. It also earned him the title of Chief Entertainment Officer. This attitude has won over the hearts of team members, clients, and business partners alike, and won Asia’s Most Admirable Young Leaders award this year.

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