The shopping centre creates flexible work solutions for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and students

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Oct. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — IPC Shopping Centre is pleased to announce the launch of Träffas Work Pods, the first and one of a kind private work pods in Malaysia, fully furnished for rent by the hour or day. Staying true to its name ‘Träffas’ which means to meet or to get together in Swedish, the neighbourhood shopping centre has introduced five cosy work pods to create unique spaces for visitors to use for individual work or group discussions and meetings.

IPC Traffas Work Pods creates flexible work solutions for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and students.
IPC Traffas Work Pods creates flexible work solutions for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and students.

Located at the Level 1 Link Bridge, the Träffas Work Pods feature a sleek, clean, and Scandinavian-inspired  aesthetic with carefully selected indoor plants, representing the simplicity of the brand with a touch of nature. Moreover, the pods are all color-coded and equipped with IKEA furniture to provide users with a vibrant working environment, and named after different Swedish names to pay tribute to their Scandinavian roots.

With the shift to hybrid-working models being increasingly adopted, the Träffas Work Pods aim to appeal to young professionals by offering them an alternative to divide their time between home and the office. This also fits in with the current urban workstyle where individuals want greater flexibility and practicality, including alternatives to fixed desks in a traditional office setting. Inline with the growing demand for contactless services, all bookings and payments, and even unlocking of pods are done digitally at the convenience of the user.

Träffas Work Pods
Usage of the IPC Träffas Work Pods can be booked via the IPC mobile app or the website from 10.00am9.00pm daily. Users can choose various pods to suit their needs:

  • Pod A: Blooma (Flower) – up to 6 pax
  • Pod B: Vind (Wind) – up to 6 pax
  • Pod C: Lov (Leaves) – up to 4 pax
  • Pod D: Solig (Sunny) – up to 2 pax
  • Pod E: Vatten (Water) – up to 2 pax

In conjunction with the launch this month, rental rates start from RM20 per hour for Pods A and Pods B, which can fit up to six pax and RM10 per hour for Pods C, D and E, which fits four to two pax respectively. Adding on to the hourly booking is a one-time RM10 cleaning fee to ensure cleanliness and sanitisation for the next user. There is also a minimum one hour usage required on all bookings and bookings can be made 24 hours prior to usage.

Karyn Lim, General Manager of IPC Shopping Centre remarked, “Our vision is for IPC to be more than just a shopping centre, we truly believe in creating a space that is a “home away from home” for the many different personas of our shoppers. The Träffas Work Pods strengthen this positioning and creates new ways for our communities to engage with us. Our visitors can now choose to “work” at our shopping centre as we continue to evolve our offers to cater to the growing needs of our shoppers. The concept of IPC Träffas Work Pods is to also complement dynamic urban working lifestyles that demands greater convenience and flexibility.”

In line with IPC’s sustainability focus, the new co-working pods are built sustainably using recycled paper egg cartons to help with soundproofing and painted with low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) coatings to not only reduce air pollution but also reduce allergy-causing toxins.

Adrian Mirea, Shopping Centre & Mixed-Use Director of Ikano Centres added, “IPC’s Träffas Work Pods are an example of how we at Ikano Centres proactively reinvent spaces within our centres to create new opportunities for our communities to come together. We started Soulmates as a digital platform to allow small businesses and entrepreneurs the opportunity to experience connecting with their customers within a shopping centre environment in a way that is flexible and affordable. Soulmates was first launched at Toppen Shopping Centre in Johor, with strong response from beauty and fitness entrepreneurs. We are delighted to expand the platform to IPC and are looking forward to introduce the concept to other shopping centres in our portfolio soon.”

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