SINGAPORE, Nov. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Infrastructure safety remains an utmost priority when it comes to construction projects, especially those designed to serve consistently high traffic in one of the most popular locations in the world. Incheon Airport, the primary airport of Seoul, South Korea, continues to rely on the excellent Geberit Pluvia roof drainage system to ensure heavy rain is a non-issue.

With decades of experience, Geberit has set high standards when it comes to roof drainage, the Geberit Pluvia system has proven to be an effective solution for conditions everywhere. Utilizing the principle of negative pressure, the syphonic drainage design enables rainwater to be collected to fill the pipes completely and create a closed flowing water column that suctions the water off the roof effectively. This allows for an increased discharge capacity for a high volume of water at any given time.

Flexible system for faster cost-effective installation  

As a system, implementing Geberit Pluvia roof drainage requires fewer roof outlets to achieve a high discharge rate, allows for increased planning flexibility by saving on stacks, and any space can be maximized further due to horizontal pipelines without slopes.   Leveraging the Geberit ProPlanner or Geberit plug-in for Autodesk Revit using artificial intelligence also makes planning and calculations easier and more accurate, leading to more material savings, faster installation, and minimal installation time needed for maintenance.

During the construction of the Incheon Airport Terminal 1 back in 2000, the Geberit Pluvia roof drainage system was installed as part of its safety precautions. Two decades later, in 2020, the Terminal 2 expansion works are still ongoing, with the Geberit Pluvia roof drainage system again tapped to be central to the process. There are a total of almost 200 Pluvia outlets and around 5,900 meters of Geberit high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes installed at Incheon Airport.

Tested to deliver consistency and efficiency

All Geberit Pluvia outlets are constructed with reliable sealing and a flange gasket. The tightness of every roof outlet is tested to deliver consistency and efficiency, and the rotating lock bar makes for easy installation.

The fastening system implemented also ensures that there is always ample support in all conditions.   The Geberit Pluvia fastening system is ideal for lightweight roofs with the help of support rails, with fastening points only required every 2.5 meters to protect the infrastructure.

As for the Geberit HDPE pipes create a proven and robust pipe system that is firmly bonded, guaranteeing leakproof welded connections that will get the job done.  

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About Geberit

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