JAKARTA, Indonesia, Nov. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Like its campaign, The Real Perfection, RUMAH KLASIK is dedicated to providing and building a classic European-style house for its clients. RUMAH KLASIK will build a symmetrical house with interiors that perfectly complement the building and the perfect service from all staff and even the CEO himself. Classical European-style house has been known in Indonesia for a long time and is still widely used today. Masjudi, the Founder and CEO of RUMAH KLASIK, said, “RUMAH KLASIK grab this opportunity in 1997 and we focused on establishing Architectural Consultant and Construction Specialist for luxury and classic housing. We are very grateful that our hard work for more than 25 years can be said to be successful so that we can become Indonesian conglomerates favorites until now.”.

RUMAH KLASIK can build the perfect luxury house for you that desire #therealperfection in your life.
RUMAH KLASIK can build the perfect luxury house for you that desire #therealperfection in your life.

By prioritizing a classic European housing style and carrying a modern classic theme for its interior, RUMAH KLASIK is trusted to be an architectural consultant and construction specialist by conglomerates of wealthy people in Indonesia to build their dream houses. The building and the interiors are said to have fantastic investment value.

Besides the appearance of the exterior building and the luxurious interior of the house, RUMAH KLASIK also emphasizes the energy that will go in and out of the house, or what is commonly known as Feng Shui. RUMAH KLASIK will calculate all incoming and outgoing energy using Feng Shui to increase the harmony of the client’s family to bring sustenance to the said family. This Feng Shui can be applied to the number of steps in the stairs and the number of pillars in the house. RUMAH KLASIK also deliberately builds very high ceilings to improve air circulation in the house.

Then, on the interior, RUMAH KLASIK will build a living room, dining room, and kitchen into one without partitions to avoid a house that looks cramped and adapts to today’s modern home styles. To give and maintain the privacy of each client’s family member, RUMAH KLASIK will also build a walk-in closet and bathroom inside the bedroom.

Being an Architectural Consultant and Construction Specialist with 25 years of experience, RUMAH KLASIK also has several plus points besides its timeless design. That is a relatively fast building process, for only 8-9 months. Even though the timing is considered fast, RUMAH KLASIK always produces works with extraordinary quality. Apart from that, RUMAH KLASIK also provides classic European-style house construction to all regions in Indonesia, especially the big cities.

The experience is what makes RUMAH KLASIK the main reason why many Indonesian conglomerates choose and entrust RUMAH KLASIK as their dream Architectural Consultant and Classic Luxury House Contractor Specialist.

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