SHANGHAI, Dec. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On Nov. 27, 2022, Chang-Su-Ho Garden, which is originally built in 1882, breathtakingly reopens after a century.

Chang-Su-Ho Garden locates in the West Nanjing Road historic culture scenic area, downtown Shanghai. The garden preserves 13 municipal-level historic architecture and 24 cultural relic protection units. A century ago, the first public street lamp in Shanghai was lighted here, the first bicycle was unveiled here, the first outdoor photo studio was also opened here… Nowadays, Shanghai’s most prestigious garden welcomes new life as culture, art, fashion and trend intertwine, according to Jing’an Real Estate.

As a new model of Shanghai’s “city renovation”, the Shikuman-Gate Chang-Su-Ho Garden, which is remodeled just like how it was in olden times, is a new landmark of Shanghai’s Chinese-Western-fusion-style architecture, bringing a sense of elegance to West Nanjing Road, which is crowded with pointy sky-scrapers. Top-tier brands pack the West zone, underscoring the “first-store”, “first-appearance”, “first-release” effect. The West zone establishes an influential and reputational commercial street in the city center by forming a completed commercial panel with Fengsheng Lane through experience-based, state-of-the-art shopping style.

In the future, the East zone is planned to home exquisite hotels, apartment buildings and innovative office areas. The South and North zone will carry performance centers, galleries and other cultural sites. Together they will form a brand new business dynamic with Shanghai-style characteristics, injecting more energy, which includes an equilibrium of innovative fun and historic heritage, into “Shanghai Culture and Shanghai Shopping”, so that the area will become the parlor of a globally brilliant city facing the world.

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