NEW YORK, March 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Built in 1841, the Incentra Village House was one of the first hotels in the city of New York. It is still in high demand today, as the only remaining guest house right in the center of the Greenwich Village Historic District, the most desirable area of downtown Manhattan. It opened its doors long before other historic hotels such as the Plaza, the Carlyle, or the St. Regis – all built decades later. The Incentra was – and still is – a private guesthouse for independent travelers.

Incentra Hotel, 30-32 Eight Avenue, New York during a recent movie shoot.
Incentra Hotel, 30-32 Eight Avenue, New York during a recent movie shoot.

Charles Dickens, who traveled to New York the year after the Incentra opened its doors, described his impressions of a booming city: “Heaven save the ladies, how they dress! We have seen more colors in these ten minutes than we should have seen elsewhere in as many days. What various parasols! What rainbow silks and satins! The young gentlemen are fond.”

Even today, the property frequently serves as the location for movies, TV shows, and photo shoots, as it so perfectly embodies the spirit of historic Manhattan.

New York kept its vibrancy, and the Incentra kept its special flair, antique furniture, and vintage feel to this day; many historic details were lovingly preserved. Air conditioning, private kitchenettes, smart TVs, high speed internet and modern private bathrooms were carefully added over the years for a supreme level of comfort for the Incentra’s guests. The 12 unique rooms all have a loyal following – some guests even change their travel dates to ensure their favorite room is waiting for them. “It truly feels like a private home, not like a hotel,” says Thomas Guss from, the brokerage that got the listing when the current owners recently decided to part with it.

Small hotels in the center of Manhattan are extremely rare and almost never offered for sale, but a sudden interest from private membership clubs looking for an outpost in a trendy part of the city and sharply increased demand for legal Airbnb space and other alternatives to faceless chain hotels have created multiple offers for the property, so the owners finally decided to enter into discussions regarding a sale.

But regardless who the new owners will be, one thing is certain: The property will keep its historic significance and soon begin a new chapter of its story, perfect for a new generation seeking quality and authenticity.

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The Incentra Hotel, 30-32 Avenue, Greenwich Village, New York
The Incentra Hotel, 30-32 Avenue, Greenwich Village, New York