Chosen by residents with an annual salary over 10 million yen

“Toyosu” beats other popular competitors, and tops the list for the first time

TOKYO, April 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Japanese luxury real estate service “Modern Standard” has released the newest ranking report of 2023 about the most favorable location(s) chosen by affluent users with an annual salary over 10 million yen (about 75,800 USD and more). This is the first release of such a report released by Modern Standard along with the change of the service name from the previous service name of “RENOSY luxury real estate”. “Modern Standard” platform is run by RENOSY PLUS Co., Ltd (Headquarters: Minato-Ku, Tokyo; CEO: Dai Higuchi) which is part of the GA technologies group under GA technologies Co., Ltd (Headquarters: Minato-Ku, Tokyo; CEO: Ryo Higuchi, security code: 3491; hereinafter referred to as the Company). The service targets wealthy class members looking for high-end properties in Japan. The report this time is based on the actual data provided by our users with the deals we have made in the past 1 year. You can find out not only the most popular location(s) among affluent investors but also the average annual salary of residents from the top 5 locations in Tokyo respectively. 

Best locations for living in Tokyo 2023
Best locations for living in Tokyo 2023

The full list is available on Modern Standard’s official website:  (The detail of this report is available only in Japanese)

Key Highlights

  • The report is based on the year-round data of actual deals made by Modern Standard agents between customers with annual salary of over 10 million yen (about USD75,800 and more)
  • Top 3 most favorable locations are as follows; Toyosu (Koto-Ku), Akasaka (Minato-Ku), Ebisu (Shibuya-Ku)
  • The location with residents with the highest average annual salary is “Mita (Minato-Ku)”, the average annual salary is 3,5820,000 yen (about 271,857 USD). Roppongi is the lowest with an average annual salary of 18,110,000 yen (about 137,446 USD)

The most favorable location(s) chosen by affluent Modern Standard users “Toyosu” boosts up for 15 places from last year and tops the list as No.1

The location that tops the list of 2023 is “Toyosu (Koto-Ku)”. It was only at the 16th place in last year’s report and has jumped for 15 places and is the No1 most favorable location this year. This is also the very first time a location in Koto-Ku has been chosen by our wealthy class users. Toyosu has become a popular location among affluent (young) couples and families in recent years with the redevelopment of the area, especially the redevelopment and the construction of luxury high rise apartments targeting these people. For example, “BRANZ TOWER TOYOSU” listed on  Modern Standard (RENOSY), a high-rise apartment with 48-story of layout that was built in 2021 is a popular choice for customers looking for luxury rental condos.

Akasaka is one place down and comes in second place this year. No 3 is Ebisu (Shibuya-Ku) which is 6 places up compared to last year. Ebisu is popular mostly among young singles who work in IT companies (engineers or other related positions for the most part). These IT companies are mostly scattered around Shibuya, which is quite close to Ebisu. One of the reasons for Ebisu to rank in this list is that the place attracts many young IT workers with good salary packages which boost up the need for rental apartments in this area and the average annual salary figure of Ebisu. 

No 4 is Roppongi (Minato-Ku), No 5 is Mita (Minato-Ku), No 6 is Kachidoki (Chuo-Ku), No7 is Jingumae (Shibuya-Ku), and Nishi-Shinjuku (Shinjuku-Ku) listed in as No 9. Nishi-Shinjuku, Akasaka (No 2) and Ebisu (No 3) are the three locations that have been in the top 10 for 3 years in a roll (※1)

1: The reports were released by the name of “RENOSY” for 2021 and 2022.

Residents of Mita (Minato-Ku) has the highest average annual salary of 35,820,000 yen (about 271,857 USD) on this list

Here is a short list of the average annual salary of the top 5 locations in Tokyo.

  • Mita (Minato-Ku): 35,820,000 yen (about 271,857 USD
  • Akasaka (Minato-Ku): 3,1990000 yen (about 240,267 USD)
  • Toyosu (Koto-Ku): 2,0870000 yen (156,748 USD)
  • Ebisu (Shibuya-Ku): 1,9930000 yen (149,688 USD)
  • Roppongi (Minato-Ku): 1,8110000 yen (136,018 USD)

From the highest to the lowest figures

The full report with details of the residents’ occupations pie charts of each location can be found on Modern Standard’s website. For example, for Mita, the location with the highest average annual salary figure, most of the residents there are entrepreneurs themselves or work in a foreign-owned financial corporations as well as employees of foreign embassies. Families from the wealthy class sending their children to prestigious international schools also prefer to live in Mita. From our data, we also see that there are an increasing number of professionals, specialists (Ex: lawyers, auditors, judicial scriveners, certified public tax accountants etc.) choosing to settle in Mita as well.

Result summary

Research period: January 1st, 2022~ December 31, 2022

Targets for research: Data of (luxury) properties for rental listed on Modern Standard(Previously known as RENOSY luxury real estate ). Only properties located in the 23 wards of Tokyo are counted in this report. 

Research method: The list of locations are sorted out based on the address information of each individual property chosen by  Modern Standard users among those of whom sign an agreement for a rental property located in one of the 23 wards of Tokyo; also specified that their annual salary is over 10 million yen (about 75,800 USD and more) (2) in their personal information. (3)

The total score regarding a specific location is calculated based on data sorted out by an AI software developed by GA technologies called “LIFE DESIGNER”. (4)

2: The list of locations are sorted out based on the properties addresses of the deals made between Modern Standard agents and our users

3: The location has a higher average of annual salary is listed in a higher place if two of the locations have the same number of deals made

4: The total score of a location does not affect the order of its place on this list. The order is sorted out and listed based on the average annual salary.

About RENOSY PLUS Co., Ltd

RENOSY PLUS is one of GA technologies group companies that focuses on the business of Tokyo’s luxury realty for rental & selling purposes. It mainly operates the toC platform called “Modern Standard”. The platform has about 12,500 listings  available on the site(by March 2023). It is one of the popular websites targeting affluent classes in Japan.

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