TOKYO, April 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — GA technologies Co.,Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-Ku, Tokyo; CEO: Ryo Higuchi, securities code: 3491; hereinafter referred to as the Company)announced that the Company has successfully reduced the use of 11.77 million pieces of paper in the past year (April 1st, 2022~ March 31st, 2023) (※1)along with the celebration of Earth day this year(※2). GA technologies group has been working hard on pushing the digital transformation throughout its workflow as well as for the whole real estate industry in Japan, and as a company that cares about the environment. We also committed ourselves to the goals of sustainability through our daily work. To contribute to the protection of the Earth and its resources is one of our goals. 

【Key Highlights】

  • GA technologies group saved up to 11.77 million pieces of paper(※2) in the past year by pushing the progress of digital transformation actively 
  • Along with the enactment of the revisions of laws regarding the digital transformation of contract system in May 2022 announced by Japanese government; The amount of paper saved during our workflow has increased 48% compared to last year. 
  • The electronictization of applications as well as the digital transformation movement taking place in the real estate industry of Japan is speeding up

(※1)Earth Day (4/22)  is a holiday for the purpose of celebrating how humans can take actions to protect our environment and the progress that have been made(
(※2)The number has been calculated based on the corporations those installed our SaaS and the number of pieces of paper they saved by moving the workflow online

GA technologies group saved up to 11.77 million pieces of paper in the past year by pushing the progress of digital transformation actively
GA technologies group saved up to 11.77 million pieces of paper in the past year by pushing the progress of digital transformation actively

Our business value is “Bringing an impression through our service to people and creating a world-leading company by the power of technology & innovation”. GA technologies is committed to such a mission and  the values of sustainability, and is achieving such goals through our work. By providing BtoB SaaS products to both management companies and real estate brokers in Japan, we are able to facilitate the process of digital transformation of the industry in Japan, making the workflow more efficient and tech-smart.

A good News that is helping push the digital transformation of the Japanese real estate industry is the enactment of the revisions regarding the real estate laws of Japan in May 2022. Along with the enactment of the laws, all steps regarding a real estate transaction are able to be completed online without the involvement of paper documents nor actual seal signatures. With the strategies we have been taking in our business,  we are able to reduce the use of paper significantly. It is a 48% increase compared to last year,  which is 11.77 million pieces of paper saved for this year. 

We are planning to bring technology into other fields besides real estate in the future. We want to solve not only the issue of the scarce resources of the earth’s resources but all kinds of issues exist in this world. 

About GA group’s businesses and examples

1.  About “RENOSY Online Real Estate Marketplace Business”

“RENOSY ” is an online real estate service platform provided by GA technologies that incorporates AI and other cutting-edge technology into its service. It is a one-stop online platform that walks through the entire process of a real estate transaction with the users. Starting from information research to the aftercare after purchasing, RENOSY makes real estate investment easier for our customers. What is more, we have been putting more effort on the acceleration of the digital transformation of the selling step, which allows a total online transaction to be realized. 

RENOSY official website:

2. BtoB SaaS: “Online application reception” system + “Electronic contract” system

We provide BtoB SaaS to both management companies and real estate agencies in Japan developed by our in-house engineering team. Along with the revisions of the real estate laws in Japan which speeds up the digitalization of the real estate transaction process. Thanks to that, the in-house developed online application package provided by ITANDI has contracted successfully with about 500 companies in the industry in Japan in the past 7 months(By Janurary, 2023). We are doing the best we could to contribute to the paper free movement in the real estate industry in Japan. 

Online application reception system: 

Electronic contract system:

3. Rental management services that reduce the burden on tenants and owners by digitizing occupancy management 

RENOSY provides a range of services to both renters and property owners about real estate as a one-stop solution corporation. It is working on the digitization of all kinds of administration processes and procedures, starting from real estate contracts, procedures on both tenants’ and owners’ sides, procedures on both management companies’ and real estate agencies’ sides etc. .

Service website:

4. Shenjumiausuan: The biggest online platform with Japanese properties listings in the Chinese cultural regions(※3)

GA technologies group also owns an online platform targeting overseas investors mainly living in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan who are interested in Japanese real estate. The website is the biggest Japanese properties listings website in Mainland China with approximately 4.5 million times of page views, approximately 1.1 million of unique users visits in 2022. It is a service that receives attention from Chinese investors that facilitates the borderless trades between Japan and other countries. It also facilitates the online transformation of real estate companies in Japan. 

Service website: 

(※3)Researched by “Shenjumiausuan”

5. Modern Standard: Luxury real estate service 

 “Modern Standard ” is a service that targets the wealthy class in Japan and provides luxury real estate properties for both rental and selling purposes. It has about 12,500 listings on the website. It is a popular website among investors in Japan. Currently, Modern Standard is speeding its process of digital transformation focusing on the rental property sector. 

Service website:

Our progress on contributing to the goals of sustainability 

GA technologies is committed to the following 6 aspects extended from sustainability values: “Care for the environment”, “Contribute to the development of sustainable cities and communities”, “Create a save and trustworthy transaction environment”, “Create a motivated work environment”, “Giving back to the society through sports”, and “Strengthen governance , regulatory compliance”. We are announcing the progress we have made on paper free movement  by the digitalization strategies we have taken, along with the celebration of “Earth Day” on April 22 this year as usual. This is also a regular action we take to celebrate the holiday as a citizen on this plant. 

About how GA technologies sustainability goals commitment:

About GA technologies Co.,Ltd

Company name: GA technologies Co.,Ltd. 

Representative: Ryo Higuchi

Webite link:

Headquarter: 40F of Sumitomo real estate Roppongi Grand Tower, Roppongi 3-2-1, Minato-Ku, Tokyo

Year of founding: March, 2013

Capital fund: 7,243,894,458 yen(By Janurary 2023)

Services provided: 

  • Internet real estate marketplace business: RENOSY
  • BtoB PropTech SaaS development
    Group partners: GA technologies group: ITANDI, RENOSY PLUS, Shenjumiausuan and 12 other group companies

Award History:

  • 2020 ~ 2022: Selected as one of the fast-growing enterprise in  “FT 1000: High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific” award ; Launch by Financial Times and Statista
  • 2022: Ranked in as No. 23 in the “FT 1000: High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific” award; Launch by Financial Times and Statista 
  • 2020 ~ 2022: Selected for 3 years consecutively for “Asia Digital Transformation” recognition; Launch by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Tokyo Stock Exchange (Japan Exchange Group)
  • 2020~2022: “No.1 Sales performance in the national pre-owned real estate properties sector” researched conducted by Tokyo Shoko Research Ltd
  • 2020 ~ 2021: Selected as best workplaces (middle size corporations) in the Japanese version of “Great Place To Work” Certification; launch by Great Place To Work ® Institute Japan

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Source: GA technologies Co., Ltd.