This partnership with popular Illustrator Kazy Chan inspires sustainable living
Discover five green-themed photo ops including the 3-metre-tall “Dazzling Glass House”

  • Tai Wo Plaza is partnering with the in-demand post-90s illustrator Kazy Chan to breathe life into more than 10 original hand-crafted works, themed “Green Exploration at Tai Wo”, broadcasting a commitment to environmental consciousness
  • The initiative encourages greener lifestyle choices within the community with the “Green Exploration Trails” in Tai Po, where participants who engage in “Green Exploration Tasks” can earn a complimentary McDonald’s Twist Cone as a reward
  • With the introduction of exclusive co-branded merchandise and the “Green Weekend Workshops”, shoppers can fully engage in a sustainable lifestyle

HONG KONG, Aug. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Tai Wo Plaza in Tai Po is partnering for the first time with popular illustrator Kazy Chan to launch the “Green Exploration at Tai Wo” project. The collaboration has fashioned a number of imaginative settings using a whimsical picture-book artistic style, aiming to rally public support for a lower-carbon lifestyle. During the event, Tai Wo Plaza will host numerous green workshops and offer a specially designed “Green Exploration Foldable Umbrella with Waterproof Bag” for redemption. To further bolster the adoption of sustainable lifestyles, the initiative features a selection of picturesque “Green Exploration Trails”, perfect for photo opportunities. Participants who complete the walking tasks will earn a delightful reward – a McDonald’s Twist Cone!

Tai Wo Plaza is collaborating with popular illustrator Kazy Chan to create numerous art pieces full of greenery, themed "Green Exploration at Tai Wo".
Tai Wo Plaza is collaborating with popular illustrator Kazy Chan to create numerous art pieces full of greenery, themed “Green Exploration at Tai Wo”.

Three-metre-high “Dazzling Glass House” makes a refreshing debut: Tai Wo Plaza spotlights sustainability with five green-themed photo-ops

“Green Exploration at Tai Wo” emphasises a green lifestyle within the Tai Po area, using a fresh, charming picture-book art style to create a series of vibrant artwork. The initiative showcases a multitude of sustainable habits to the public, aiming to inspire the adoption of sustainable low-carbon lifestyles, and collectively contribute to the planet’s well-being.

The mall has strategically set up numerous must-visit photo spots. Upon exiting the Tai Wo MTR Station, shoppers are immediately drawn towards the “Green Leisure Mural Staircase” in the direction of the West Wing escalator. The green hand-painted illustrations provide for a calming yet dynamic atmosphere, adding a fresh touch to the busy escalator area.

Heading up the staircase towards the East Wing of Tai Wo Plaza, hidden green lifestyle artworks can be discovered in various corners of the mall, awaiting exploration. These include an art gallery showcasing several low-carbon and sustainable development-themed pieces. Adjacent to the gallery is a large “Green Exploration Trails” map, introducing an array of green sightseeing spots in Tai Po. A bicycle situated in front of the artworks offers a relevant photo opportunity, promoting cycling as a low-carbon transportation option.

The East Wing’s outdoor space boasts the three-metre-high “Dazzling Glass House”. In addition to cultivating a variety of plants to create a green space, it provides an enticing photo spot for everyone to enjoy.

Partake in “Green Weekend Workshops” to experience green minimalism, and spend to earn a foldable umbrella

Tai Wo Plaza is launching the immersive “Green Weekend Workshops” guided by professional instructors, which promote the joys of green living. The workshops offer a variety of eco-friendly DIY activities, including cultivating miniature potted plants, and planting, dyeing and making handmade soap with used coffee grounds, allowing shoppers to dive into the world of green minimalism. Link Up members can participate in a single designated workshop for free when they spend a specified amount. Members can also redeem a “Green Exploration Foldable Umbrella with Waterproof Bag” designed by popular illustrator Kazy Chan when they spend a designated amount using an electronic payment method at Tai Wo Plaza, Tai Yuen Commercial Centre or Fu Shin Shopping Centre. This initiative aims to encourage the public to reduce the use of disposable umbrella covers.

“Green Exploration Tasks” introduce a one-day Tai Po tour challenge: Check in at “Green Exploration Trails” and be rewarded with a free twist cone

As part of the event, “Green Exploration Tasks” encourage the public to set off on an invigorating summer excursion. Link Up members only need to accomplish the reward tasks within the mobile app, checking in at designated “Green Exploration Trails” to earn badges. Designated check-in spots include the McDonald’s at Tai Wo Plaza, Fu Shin Shopping Centre, Tai Yuen Commercial Centre, the century-old tree house at Tai Wo Siu Ling Shan, Yuen Shin Park and the Island House Conservation Studies Centre.

The trails highlight a hidden gem in Tai Po – the century-old tree house. This abandoned tree house transports shoppers into a fairytale forest, and it’s just a 20-minute walk from Tai Wo Plaza, making it an excellent spot for photos. Members who collect two badges can redeem a McDonald’s Twist Cone e-coupon. In addition to participating in the “Green Tour Mission”, visitors who make purchases at green merchants in Tai Wo Plaza and who park electric vehicles can also redeem an additional McDonald’s Twist Cone e-coupon, providing additional incentives for the public to participate in environmental protection actions.

All the above activities are subject to terms and conditions. Please note that event details are subject to change without prior notice.

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About illustrator Kazy Chan

Kazy Chan is a Hong Kong artist whose delicate and brightly coloured painting style reflects the influence of the Superflat art movement and his love for Japanese manga since childhood. Painting in soft and blurred brushstrokes, his work revolves around young children undergoing the metamorphosis of growth as they explore different sides of their inner story and imagination of the future. His whimsical works featuring unique characters living in brightly coloured imaginary scenes lure viewers into Kazy’s fantastical world, where they will uncover the absurdity and sadness hidden within upon deeper examination.

After graduating from the Design Studies programme at the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, he worked in the advertising industry for several years before leaving his position to be an artist. Since then, he has held solo exhibitions and participated in multiple group exhibitions across Asia.

Green Weekend Workshops details





Daily Quota

Miniature potted plants workshop

Learn planting tips and cultivate a personalised selection of plants.

5, 6, 12, 13 August

1pm – 5pm



Coffee grounds planting workshop

Learn the principles of making compost from coffee grounds and cultivate a personalised selection of plants.

19, 20, 26, 27 August

1pm – 5pm



Coffee grounds dyeing workshop

Learn the principles and techniques of tie-dyeing to create dyed fabric artworks.

19, 20 August

3:30pm – 4:30pm



Coffee grounds handmade soap workshop

Handmade soap making, understanding the chemical principles of saponification.

24, 25, 26 August

3:30pm – 4:30pm



“Green Exploration Trails”

Tai Wo Plaza has launched the “Green Exploration at Tai Wo” campaign, designed to inspire community members to embrace environmentally friendly, low-carbon lifestyles. In the vicinity of Tai Wo Plaza, several nature reserves and scenic walking trails already exist, offering a green escape within easy reach.

We are now extending an invitation to all for our “Green Exploration Tasks”. Link Up members who check in at specified “Green Exploration Trails” locations will earn a unique badge. Upon collecting two badges, individuals will be eligible to redeem a McDonald’s Twist Cone e-coupon, which entitles them to a complimentary sundae at the McDonald’s store located within Tai Wo Plaza.

The “Green Exploration Trails” include the following spots: Tai Wo Siu Ling Shan century-old tree house, Yuen Shin Park, Island House Conservation Studies Centre, the McDonald’s at Tai Wo Plaza, Fu Shin Shopping Centre and Tai Yuen Commercial Centre. Details about the various “Green Exploration Trail” locations follow:

1.       Siu Ling Shan century-old tree house

The Siu Ling Shan century-old tree house is a historic tree house located in the Northern District of New Territories, Hong Kong, boasting a rich history of over 100 years. This treehouse is uniquely designed and blends beautifully into the surrounding woodland scenery. It serves as a renowned base for mountaineering and hiking, further complemented by the stunning forest vistas and thriving ecosystem around it.

Walking Route: Begin from Tai Wo Estate and proceed from Tai Wo Plaza before crossing the Kam Wo Bridge. Continue along the outskirts of Lam Tsuen until you reach the path to the Wat Mekthumvanaram (Thai Temple). Keep going straight until you arrive at the tree house. (Please note: Please be quiet within the temple premises).

2.       Island House Conservation Studies Centre

The Island House Conservation Studies Centre, established during the British colonial period, originally served as a quarter for government officials. This explains the unique British colonial architectural style of the entire building. Nowadays, it serves as a hub for various educational activities promoting conservation and sustainable living, aiming to enhance public awareness of the significance of environmental protection.

Walking Route: From Exit B of Tai Wo Station, make your way to Po Nga Road and follow Kwong Fuk Road straight ahead. After passing through Kwong Fuk Sitting-out Area and Wang Fuk Court, you will arrive at the Island House Conservation Studies Centre.

3.       Yuen Shin Park

Yuen Shin Park, located near Lam Tsuen River in Tai Po District, is partially perched atop an artificial hillock. The park’s high point features a viewing platform, offering panoramic views of Tai Po New Town and Tolo Harbour, as well as a sweeping outlook across the entire park. It presents an opportunity to witness the grandeur of nature and the captivating beauty of its green landscapes.

Walking Route: Take Exit B from Tai Wo Station and follow the direct path via Po Nga Road and Tai Wo Road that leads straight to Yuen Shin Park.

4.       Tai Wo Plaza McDonald’s, Fu Shin Shopping Centre and Tai Yuen Commercial Centre

While carrying out the “Green Exploration Tasks”, maintaining hydration and nutrition is vital. The McDonald’s at Tai Wo Plaza, Fu Shin Shopping Centre and Tai Yuen Commercial Centre can all provide the necessary supplies and rest, helping participants stay healthy and reinvigorated.


Tai Wo Plaza McDonald’s: Shop No. 102, Ground Floor, West Wing, Tai Wo Plaza, Tai Po
Fu Shin Shopping Centre: 12 On Po Road, Tai Po, New Territories
Tai Yuen Commercial Centre: 10 Ting Kok Road, Tai Po, New Territories