SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On 12th October, CIMC Modular Building Systems Holding Co., Ltd (“CIMC MBS”), a subsidiary of CIMC Construction Technology under CIMC Group, held a delivery ceremony for the expansion project of the Hong Kong Legislative Council Complex. This project marks the first-time modular construction technology that has been applied for the expansion project in Hong Kong, overthrowing the traditional expansion methods. Once completed, the project will become the first modular legislative office and the first high-end office project in Hong Kong.

The project serves as a demonstration for the efficient collaboration between cities in the Greater Bay Area in advancing modular construction (known as “Modular Integrated Construction” (MiC) in Hong Kong). It holds significant importance for both the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Legislative Council and the HKSAR government. It is also a significant milestone for CIMC MBS as it marks their first expansion project.

The Expansion Project was Promoted on the Facebook page of the Chairman of the Hong Kong Legislative Council

The expansion project of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Legislative Council Complex is the first high-end office building renovation project by the HKSAR government that adopts a modular construction form on an existing public building.

The entire project consists of 286 modules and it includes the addition of legislative floors (11th to 14th floor). Each floor is equipped with 15 legislative offices, as well as facilities such as reception rooms, restrooms, and pantry areas. Each legislative office has an area of approximately 60 square meters. It is constructed by assembling three modules, including a separate office for the legislator and an open-plan office for the staff. The triangular area created by the expansion (1st to 10th floor) accommodates nearly 120 additional legislative offices.

The project started mass production of steel structures at the CIMC MBS’s flagship manufacturing base in Jiangmen at the end of August 2023. The first batch of modules arrived in Hong Kong by shipping on 1st October. Two days later, a lifting ceremony took place at the project site.

Mr. Leung Kwan-Yin, the Chairman of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Legislative Council, attended the lifting ceremony to witness the birth of Hong Kong’s first modular legislative office. He was  satisfied and proud of promoted this new construction technology on Facebook. The project is expected to complete and ready for use by the end of 2024.

It is noted that as the project involves expanding on an existing public building, the expansion part is required to maintain a high level of consistency with the original architectural style and interior decoration. It follows the highest standards for design and acceptance, including strict control over factors such as panel jointing, color difference in magnetic panels, and safety. The acceptance criteria for the project far exceed the standard level for conventional interior inspections.

In particular, the multifunctional rooms adopt a centralized integrated design. Moreover, the complexity of the modules far exceeds that of typical residential buildings. The project owner has set higher requirements for collaborative design in modules, mechanical and electrical systems, curtain walls, and pipeline design. Compared to new construction projects, this type of renovation poses greater challenges.

To actively address the challenges, CIMC MBS has made meticulous arrangements in various stages, including design, material procurement, manufacturing, transportation, and on-site lifting.

Additionally, the international management and technical team continuously improves the production system and processes, promoting the product quality control system to higher levels. Throughout the overall modular prefabrication process, it significantly reduced construction debris, achieving green construction practices.

CIMC Group Leads the Green Development of the Construction Industry in the Greater Bay Area

Modular construction is hailed as the epitome of global prefabricated building and represents the pinnacle of industrialized construction. With its advantages of efficiency, environmental friendliness, energy conservation, and shortened construction period, modular construction has been strongly promoted by many countries in recent years.

CIMC Group’s modular construction technology is globally advanced,  its product quality meets the standards and requirements of countries and regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Norway, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, China mainland, Hong Kong, etc. More than 100 projects have been delivered worldwide, many of which have become local landmark buildings. These projects cover hotels, apartments, public housing, student dormitories, medical care, business offices, cultural tourism and other fields.

Mr. Victor Zhu, the managing director of CIMC MBS, stated that CIMC MBS has upheld the values of “Survive by faith, stand by quality” for many years. Quality is regarded as a significant long-term strategic focus for the Company’s business development, ensuring that customer needs and expectations are accurately conveyed throughout the entire value chain. In the future, CIMC MBS will make every effort to create “exquisite projects”, efficiently improve the living environment, and continuously create sustainable value for global clients.