HONG KONG, Dec 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TOWNPLACE WEST KOWLOON, the latest flagship offering by Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP) (0016) under its premium residential leasing brand of TOWNPLACE, has joined forces with the Hong Kong Top Talent Services Association (HKTTSA) to host the debut singles event “Serendipity at Victoria Harbour” at TOWNPLACE WEST KOWLOON today.

Co-organized by the HKTTSA, TOWNPLACE WEST KOWLOON and Inkeverse (3700.HK), the event is the first of its kind in Hong Kong where a premium residential leasing brand teams up with the HKTTSA. The event was well received within Hong Kong’s premium young talent circle, with more than 40 accomplished single professionals accompanied by their friends and families. Mr. Hailong SHANG, a Member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong (Election Committee) and Chairman of the HKTTSA, was also present at the event. Guests engaged with each other at this high-quality mingling event in the SHOWSPACE and other outdoor areas at TP SOCIAL CLUB of TOWNPLACE WEST KOWLOON.

The 53,000 square feet TP SOCIAL CLUB was inaugurated as a destination for premium networking thanks to its flexible layout

The event was held at TOWNPLACE WEST KOWLOON’s newly unveiled 53,000 sq. ft. TP SOCIAL CLUB, a well-designed, beautifully furnished space, providing a fun and romantic atmosphere, offering a welcoming environment for the young talents to get to know each other. Surrounded by the many luxurious leisure activities, attendees enjoyed events in the HOOPS, the unique basketball court in Hong Kong, the SKYBOUND POOL, and the HIGH BAR , while savoring the enchanting panorama of Victoria Harbor.

TOWNPLACE – an innovative conduit for truly premium networking to integrate top talents

The end of 2023 marks the first anniversary of the launch of Hong Kong’s Top Talent Pass Scheme. Hong Kong has thus far attracted tens of thousands of top talents and their dependents to relocate to Hong Kong to live, work, and start their own businesses. This event leverages the HKSAR Government’s policy of talent attraction, in response to the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR, Mr. Lee Ka-Chiu’s call for top talents to “settle in Hong Kong“, helping to integrate high-caliber professionals with a “charm offensive” and facilitating them to establish a strong social circle.

TOWNPLACE WEST KOWLOON is honored to collaborate with the HKTTSA and co-organize this event to exemplify the human side of the “Top Talent Pass Scheme” policy, and to assist the newly relocated talents in building up their interpersonal networks and truly assimilate into the cultural and social circles of their new home.

Debut collaborative event for top talents to explore new possibilities under the pioneering “Bleisure” concept

As the first upmarket residential leasing brand to collaborate with the HKTTSA, TOWNPLACE WEST KOWLOON is committed to welcoming Hong Kong’s new in-bound talents with open arms. By taking care of the diversified rental needs of the top talent community through bringing in innovative “Aparthotel” model, TOWNPLACE WEST KOWLOON meets their demand for flexible leasing. In addition, through the TP SOCIAL CLUB, a shared common space, and the unique concept of TOWNPLACE Community, it creates a “Bleisure” rental experience. With the help of high-end brands and a host of community activities, a premium cross-industry social platform has been established. This presents the top talents with a new and limitless lifestyle that combines work, residence, and social entertainment under one roof, enabling them to “Unlock” a fresh start in life and new opportunities, making their Hong Kong dreams a reality through future win-win partnerships.


Established in 2019, “TOWNPLACE” is a ground-breaking residential flexi-leasing brand by Sun Hung Kai Properties, offering the twin properties of TOWNPLACE SOHO and TOWNPLACE KENNEDY TOWN. It provides three leasing options of Serviced, Furnished and Unfurnished apartments with varied interior designs to cater for different tastes, and lease terms starting from as short as one month.

“TOWNPLACE” further expands its human-centric livable space, striving to enhance the young professionals’ living experience through the brand-new concept of “Aparthotel” living. Being the largest flagship quality leasing project for young talent, TOWNPLACE WEST KOWLOON was launched in Oct 2023.

“TOWNPLACE” is the first to introduce the unique Community concept into the market which connects residents closely to help expand their social and professional networks. By meeting like-minded neighbors in the TOWNPLACE Community, friendships are developed and a sharing economy emerges. TOWNPLACE is more than a place to live.

For more information, please visit TOWNPLACE WEST KOWLOON at
Website: https://westkowloon.townplace.com.hk/
Address: 10 Lai Ying Street, West Kowloon