HONG KONG, March 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — TOWNPLACE WEST KOWLOON, the mega flagship offering by Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP) (0016) under its premium residential leasing brand of TOWNPLACE, announced today that the locally renowned beer brand, Mak’s Beer, will officially join TOWNPLACE’s 53,000 sq. ft. TP SOCIAL CLUB’s 25th floor HIGH BAR on April 1.

As the largest flagship quality rental project for premium young talents across Hong Kong, TOWNPLACE WEST KOWLOON, alongside TP SOCIAL CLUB, is dedicated to curating an enriched living experience with a diverse array of amenities while fostering a high-quality, cross-industry community networking platform. This collaboration with Mak’s Beer enhances TOWNPLACE’s commitment to cultivating a forward-thinking “Bleisure Lifestyle,” filled with arts and inspiration, and further enhancing the vibrant culture of West Kowloon.

Innovative ideas converge at West Kowloon to create high-quality networking spaces for premium young talents

TOWNPLACE is redefining traditional rental arrangements, offering a unique rental experience for the new generation of premium young talents who prioritize experiences. TP SOCIAL CLUB, as a vehicle that embodies TOWNPLACE’s innovative management philosophy, spans 53,000 sq. ft., comprising four-story indoor and outdoor spaces, a rooftop, and a waterfront promenade and pier. The HIGH BAR on the 25th floor seamlessly blends a beer zone with an outdoor terrace, providing young talents with an elegant and comfortable dining and social space boasting panoramic views of Victoria Harbour.

Mak’s Beer, a beloved local beer brand in Hong Kong, has earned accolades from premium young talents for its ingenious local flavors and commitment to continuous innovation. Its selection as the featured brand at the HIGH BAR marks its significant 10th anniversary and represents another milestone in its expansion after the opening of its first store in the West Kowloon Cultural District. This partnership symbolizes the close partnership between Mak’s Beer and TOWNPLACE WEST KOWLOON in establishing a benchmark brand in West Kowloon. The introduction of self-service beer barrels at the HIGH BAR, coupled with flexible and open design concepts, fosters a free and spontaneous social space for premium young talents, offering them the opportunity to savor a variety of Mak’s Beer ‘s drinks while connecting with like-minded peers.

Seeking added value Community events spice up rental life

TOWNPLACE WEST KOWLOON not only provides high-quality facilities but also endeavors to create a highly valuable social circle. The TP Community team collaborates with various international and local brands to craft a community culture exclusive to premium young talents, aligning seamlessly with Mak’s Beer ‘s brand philosophy of delivering excellent customer experiences. With the arrival of Mak’s Beer, the TP Community team will partner with the Mak’s Beer at TP SOCIAL CLUB every month to organize two exclusive community events integrating music and culture. These events will provide premium young talents with an exclusive platform for meaningful interaction and networking.

During these events, Mak’s Beer will have professional staff at the HIGH BAR to offer TOWNERs a wide range of services and experiences, including food and beverage service. Premium young talents will not only indulge in exclusive culinary delights but also find a sense of belonging and achievement immersed in music and camaraderie.

Upgrading the concept of Community, craft beer injects new vitality into the “Blesiure” lifestyle

It’s not just a residence; it’s a lifestyle, and it’s not just craft beer; it’s an attitude towards life. TOWNPLACE WEST KOWLOON and Mak’s Beer are poised to elevate the concept of Community, fostering a “Bleisure Lifestyle” rental experience that seamlessly integrates work, living, and social entertainment for premium young talents. Moving forward, TOWNPLACE WEST KOWLOON will continue to explore and deepen partnerships with different brands, offering premium young talents more exclusive privileges and facilitating cross-industry social platforms. Through collaborations with renowned brands, the project aims to empower young talents to explore greater business opportunities in comfortable community living spaces, catalyzing significant brand breakthroughs.


Established in 2019, “TOWNPLACE” is a ground-breaking residential flexi-leasing brand by Sun Hung Kai Properties, offering the twin properties of TOWNPLACE SOHO and TOWNPLACE KENNEDY TOWN. It provides three leasing options of Serviced, Furnished and Unfurnished apartments with varied interior designs to cater for different tastes, and lease terms starting from as short as one month.

“TOWNPLACE” further expands its human-centric livable space, striving to enhance the premium young talents’ living experience through the brand-new concept of “Aparthotel” living. Being the largest flagship quality leasing project for young talent, TOWNPLACE WEST KOWLOON was launched in Oct 2023.

“TOWNPLACE” is the first to introduce the unique Community concept into the market which connects residents closely to help expand their social and professional networks. By meeting like-minded neighbors in the TOWNPLACE Community, friendships are developed and a sharing economy emerges. TOWNPLACE is more than a place to live.

ABOUT Maks Beer 

Mak’s Beer was founded in 2014 as Hong Kong’s first all-local craft brewery. It is committed to promoting Hong Kong beer and local musical culture.

Mak’s Beer is known for its craziness, quirkiness, and playfulness, and its products and services exceed people’s imaginations.

In 2019, Mak’s Beer settled in the West Kowloon Cultural District and established “Lau Bak Livehouse,” offering diverse dining services combining music performances and cuisine. To date, it has hosted over 600 live music performances.

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