Residential properties are properties used for single-family or multi-family housing, for non-commercial purposes. In Malaysia, there are many different types of housing, some which differ in meaning from other countries. Today’s Property Basics 101 will take you through several types of residential properties often found in Malaysia.


Terrace House

Terrace House
Also known as linked houses. These houses usually share a wall with the adjoining property on both sides. They are typically one or two storeys, and at most three storeys, high. Units at the end of a row of terrace houses are usually known as corner lots, and often have larger land space compared to those between two units.



TownHouseTown House
These are similar to terraced houses, as they are typically made up of two floors that shares side walls with nearly identical properties. Townhouses tend to be more up market and expensive as they are purchased as individual properties, but some may have an internal patio and access to a common area such as parking area, pool, tennis courts and more. It differs from a condominium in that no neighboring unit is above or below, and usually features an outdoor space in front and behind the property.


Semi Detached HouseSemi-D
This is short for semi-detached house, it refers to a house which is joined on one side to another property. Two homes make up one building. Normal semi-detached houses are joined side-by-side, although there are also semi-detached homes that are joined back-to-back.





This is a detached standalone house on its own land without any adjoining properties. Unlike some countries where the term means a single story, smaller dwelling, a bungalow can be any size in Malaysia. Some are fairly small, while others are extremely large with built up areas exceeding 10,000 square feet.



A high-rise building that may have any number of residential units, and many apartment communities have a number of buildings. In Malaysia, apartments/flats typically refer to multi-storey residential buildings that are cheaper than condominiums, although they usually also have amenities such as a gym, swimming pool and recreational area.


(Source: KL Sentral)

(Source: KL Sentral)


Unlike some countries, where there is a legal distinction between a condominium and an apartment (flat), in Malaysia the terms can be interchangeable. Usually using the term condominium means the development has more facilities, and are often more expensive to buy or rent than apartments/flats.





Gated Community (Source:


Gated Community
This generally refers to developments which have controlled access with a guard house and fencing surrounding the whole development. This usually means security will be better but it is advisable to check exactly what security is offered. Consider how easily you gain access, how often guards patrol the development and what system they have to let visitors enter.


Serviced Residences (Souce: Putrajaya)

Serviced Residences
These are fully furnished apartments available for both short-term and long-term stays, providing hotel-like amenities. Serviced apartments typically include soft-furnishings and cooking utensils so that long term tenants need not bring their own, and have services like a front desk concierge, main lobby, housekeeping, parking, and others included in the rent. Serviced apartments include all the convenience of hotel rooms but can be less expensive than equivalent hotel rooms for longer stays.

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