…especially small houses or high-rise properties. There’s something beautiful and relaxing about looking at a patch of perfectly trimmed grass or a perfectly mowed lawn that makes us feel that everything is right with the world. However, real grass requires a lot of work and is difficult to maintain. That is why homeowners, especially those who have a small lawn or just a small condominium balcony, should consider the benefits of using artificial grass in their homes.

Looks like real grass
One of the main reasons why people like using artificial grass is because it looks exactly like the real thing. More often than not, people will stop to admire how beautiful the patch of green looks, instead of thinking whether the grass is real or fake.

Easy on people with hayfever or allergies
Artificial grass is made from synthetic materials, so those who suffer from plant-related allergies are safe from allergy attacks in their own home.

Safe for children
Artificial grass is just like a carpet; it is durable for vigorous activities without the mess from dirt or slippery mud that can be dangerous for small children.

Safe for pets
No worries about your dog or cat digging up the garden when you’re not watching, and you don’t have to deal with muddy paw prints in your house too.

Does not require trimming or mowing
For those who do not have the time nor interest to maintain a perfect lawn, artificial grass is the way to go, as it does not grow and thus does not need to be trimmed, weeded, or mowed every few weeks/months.

No (Low) maintenance
You can have a green lawn all year round, with no unsightly weeds, bald patches, or muddy grass – just a clean, consistent look.

Can last a very long time
Unlike real grass which can die if not maintained property, artificial grass can last up to 10 years (or more), and in the long run can help you to save on water and pesticide costs.

Benefits of artificial grass

Benefits of artificial grass

Of course, there are still disadvantages to artificial grass, which is why it is still not widely used for many homes in Malaysia.

Disadvantages of artificial grass:

  • High installation costs
  • Very hot to touch in hot weather/summer
  • Fears of chemical toxins affecting health
  • Blood, sweat, dust, and some bacteria can remain on synthetic grass if not cleaned properly
  • Does not have the distinct ‘wet grass’ or freshly-cut grass scent

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