You see people walking around with their heads down or phones up, swiping at something that can only be seen on their device’s screen. Indeed, that’s one of the surest ways to identify a Pokémon GO players. The mobile game has become the largest launch in mobile phone history, and has taken the world by storm since its launch in July 2016. (You might want to keep in mind these safety tips while playing Pokémon GO.) Here are 5 facts about the augmented reality (AR) game that you may not know:

  1. Money-Increase-iconPokémon GO is well on its way to US$1 billion – The number of Pokémon GO downloads in its first week dwarfs other popular apps during their first week of release. Pokémon GO had 7.2 million downloads in its very first week of bring launched. The game is expected to gain revenue of over US$1 billion from in-app purchases by players.
  1. Pokémon GO is benefitting small businesses and big sponsors – From small neighbourhood cafes to fast food chains, businesses are cashing in on the Pokémon craze. Online sellers are also cashing in, with online sales of Pokémon-related merchandise in the US increasing 105% compared to July 2015.
  1. Application-Map-iconNearly everyone is playing Pokémon GO… – From 8-year-old kids to 80-year-old grannies, almost everyone with a smartphone is playing the game, or at least downloaded it to find out what all the hype is about. Not only has it dominated mobile app charts worldwide since its launch, it also has over 30 million active users, and continues to rake in revenue through in-app purchases. (Speaking of mobile apps, these free mobile apps for real estate agents are a vital addition to your phone or tablet!)
  1. Bonsai-icon…And it still has 3 major markets to take over – Pokémon GO has yet to ‘go’ to three major global markets: China, India and South Korea. Those who are pointing out the drop in its downloads and user activity may have to consider revising their opinions once the game is released in two of the world’s most populous countries, as well as the birthplace of electronics giant Samsung.
  1. Settings-5-iconPokémon GO is just getting starting – The app can still target existing markets through those who are slow on the bandwagon or those who didn’t grow up with the game. There are still loads of updates expected to roll out over the next few months. The introduction of in-game monster trading and customisable Pokéstop can reignite the app’s existing user base while appealing to prospective users. Also, with the Pokémon franchise going strong with new games and cartoons, there are hundreds more new Pokémon that can be added to the game to keep it fresh and competitive among players.

Let’s be honest, what enterprising Pokémon trainer wouldn’t want their home or workplace to be a Pokéstop or Pokémon gym? You’d probably have a lot of people interested to buy or rent the place just for the perks that come with it! 😉

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