“Welcome to my house” indeed.

At first glance, this video looks like something you’d see on MTV, with flashy cars and hot girls having a party in a luxurious mansion with a pool.

But what if we told you this was actually an advertisement… for a house? That’s right. Real estate agents in Los Angeles commissioned a video production company to make this ‘music video’ to sell a $33 million mansion, 9133 Oriole Way, in West Hollywood.

Screen Shot 07-14-15 at 12.19 PM

Looking like a scene straight out of MTV or Hollywood, the video aims to showcase the house and highlight its features, which include a grass-covered driveway, infinity pool, spacious rooms, fully-equipped kitchen, tasteful modern décor and stunning views of the surrounding Hollywood landscape.

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It starts out with a man getting ready to go to work in a mirrored bathroom (with stunning views outside the window), then walking through a hallway with floor-to-ceiling windows looking out into the garden. He is greeted by a woman in the huge and fully-equipped kitchen, then he heads out to his sports car parked in the driveway. The woman sees him off, then invites her girlfriends over to the house for an all-girls party and sleepover, in which they admire the house, relax by the pool and basically hang out around the house until nightfall.

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In the video, viewers are treated to a walkthrough of the mansion, from the beautifully decorated hallways, modern dining area, gleaming marble-top kitchen, to a cozy living room, wine bar and cellar, sunny infinity pool area (perfect for sunbathing), bedrooms with huge windows overlooking the Hollywood view, walk-in closet, spa room, immaculately designed interior, skylight, home cinema, gym, and garage for multiple cars. Aerial views from all angles show the mansion in the best (natural) light, and also the beautiful night-time scenery from the house.

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Just goes to show how competitive the real estate market in Hollywood is, doesn’t it?

Check out the video below: