(Source: Birmingham Mail UK)

They say Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

A businessman from England found this out the hard way, when he came back from a work trip to find a strange car in his driveway and his house occupied by six varsity students. His wife had sold the house while he was away.


Craig Arnolds, a builder from Nuneaton in the English Midlands, returned home from a business trip to New York, only to find that the locks had been changed, his wife gone, and six youngsters chilling in the lounge watching TV.

His wife, Laura, had sold the house and left, taking with her all her belongings. Two weeks prior, she had discovered an incriminating message on Craig’s iPhone, which he had forgotten to bring along with him on a business trip to America. There was a racy message from an unknown number, in which a woman had described the ‘hot’ reception he could expect when he landed in New York.

Instead of getting mad, she decided to get even, and proceeded to put her revenge plan in motion. The house was sold within a fortnight via a UK property website, and students from the University of Warwick took up residence on the property.

Craig Arnolds' (ex?) wife, Laura, who discovered his cheating ways and sold the house within a fortnight. (Photo from Birmingham Mail)

Craig Arnolds’ (ex?) wife, Laura, who discovered his cheating ways and sold the house within a fortnight. (Photo from Birmingham Mail)

When Craig returned home, he suspected something was up as there was an unfamiliar Nissan Micra in the driveway, all the lights were switched on and the TV was blaring loudly. His wife was usually in bed by 11pm, so he had no idea what was going on. In a state of jet-lag and panic, he started banging on the door, and was greeted by what he described as a “21-year-old hippie”.

Upon entering his (now former) home, he saw that all of his wife’s things were gone, including her furniture, but the chairs and tables he’d inherited from his late father, along with his set of golf clubs and vintage radio – which she absolutely hated – was placed on the kitchen table in all its glory. She had included his most prized possessions as part of the property’s ‘fixtures and fittings’ when listing the property for sale. She was able to sell the house in Warwickshire without requiring Craig’s consent because her parents had contributed to the deposit and taken over the mortgage after the couple encountered financial difficulties.

Mr Arnolds, who now lives in London, did not deny he had cheated on his wife, admitting that he had “made a mistake and paid for it dearly”.

No kidding. He clearly messed up big time.

We can imagine this is how his (probably now ex) wife is feeling.