In this sweltering hot weather, it may feel like you’re on fire once you step out of your cool, air-conditioned room. (Try these 10 hacks to survive the hot weather!) But do you know what can cause a real fire in properties? Overcrowding!

Overcrowded properties can pose a serious fire hazard, and the results can be devastating. Most common examples include foreign worker hostels and residential homes rented out to students. In this infographic, we show you how to spot properties that may have more occupants than allowed, what vital equipments should be prepared, and what are the legalities involved in homes-turned-hostels in Malaysia.

If a fire breaks out, not only will the owner of the property on fire suffer damages, other buildings around it could become ‘victims’ too! You don’t want your property to turn up like this, do you?

burnt overcrowded house

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Overcrowded Properties Can Be A Serious Fire Hazard