We’ve covered some background history on QR codes, and how it has changed marketing communications. In a time when smartphone apps and instant communication are of utmost importance to obtain property sales leads, the usage of QR codes in the real estate profession can help agents gain the upper hand in advertising and promoting their property listings, broker services, and reach out to more potential clients from all walks of life.

While QR codes are still not widely-used in Malaysia, it is quite common to see QR codes on products, brochures, restaurant tables, etc. These encourage the more curious visitors to scan and interact with the QR code, which in turn may result in a sign-up, purchase or sales lead. But how do you get a QR code that leads directly to your agent profile and/or property listings? Find out here!

Now, how can you use QR codes when it comes to marketing your real estate listings and services? Let’s take a look:

Note: If your smartphone doesn’t have a QR code reader app, you can easily download one from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Some messaging apps like WeChat also have a QR code scanning function which allow you to scan and view the content of any QR codes.

Business Cards
Business cards come in all colours, sizes and shapes. As more people start to embrace minimalist aesthetics, business cards are becoming increasingly bare, with only the most basic of information printed on them. This is where QR codes come in handy – when you put a QR code on your business card, it can be instantly scanned to show your personal agent profile, contact details and even property listings. Best of all? It doesn’t take up much real estate (pun intended) on your business card.

We see them everywhere, on commercial and residential properties, loudly proclaiming the agent’s name and phone number in HUGE letters and numbers. Nothing wrong with that, but you can stand out from the crowd by including a QR code on your banners, which when scanned will show all the necessary details i.e. price, size, number of rooms, special features, agent contact, etc. You can even make the QR code link to a video of the property, which will definitely make a strong first impression.

Property Signage
Similar to banners, physical “For Sale” signs placed outside properties for sale can also include a QR code for interested buyers to scan, so that they can instantly have access to details of the property as well as the agent’s contact. The QR code can also link directly to the agent’s online listings which will showcase the agent’s list of properties, showing them a list of other properties available.

Flyers & Brochures
We come across real estate flyers and brochures all the time, be it at property fairs, shopping malls, slotted inside newspapers, or stuffed into our mailbox. Most people will just take a cursory glance and throw them away, but if the property advertised manages to pique their interest, they might keep it or visit the website URL printed on it to find out more. Make it easier for them by adding a QR code so that they can instantly access the website or listing, which they can then bookmark in their smartphone.

Example of a real estate brochure for a property listing

Messaging Apps
Messaging apps like Whatsapp and WeChat are extremely popular among real estate agents, as it helps them quickly communicate with clients. It also works as an effective means (although it may be annoying to some) to promote new property launches and listings. Sending a message that contains textual information about a property, along with some pictures and a QR code, could come in handy because they can easily share the information with friends and family who are interested in the property.

Person A: Oh, another message about a new condo in Cheras. Hey, you’re looking to buy in that area, right?
Person B: Yes. Is it any good? How much is it?
Person A: Take a look. *shows message with QR code*
Person B: *scans QR code* Thanks for sharing the info!

Email Signature
Email signatures are often neglected, or simply contain a generic signature provided by the company or real estate agency. As a real estate agent, you will have to deal with clients via email, so adding a QR code in your email signature is an alternative way for people to locate your contact information, and access your online profile. Likewise, if you’re active in online forums, it can be included in your message board signature too.

In fact, you can sign up for a FREE Estate123.com agent account and generate a seasonal e-greeting card – containing your name, agent number, email and phone number – which will not only help jazz up your Estate123 agent profile, but can also be downloaded and used as an email signature!

Branding/Promotional Gifts
This one is avenue not often explored by real estate agents and/or agencies, but it can be a good idea to print a QR code leading to your website or listings on corporate branding gifts, to be given out during events. Things such as tote bags, notebooks, pens, USB flash drives, t-shirts, caps, umbrellas, mugs, screen cleaning cloths, keychains, water bottles, and many other items can be customised and printed with a name and QR code. People will be prompted to scan the code to find out more, which is a good way to get yourself and your property listings noticed.

I’m sure there are plenty more ways for real estate agents to use QR codes in their profession. Did this light a bulb for you? Share with us how you would use QR codes to promote your brand, service, or product!

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