Everybody’s got a story to tell when it comes to houses – be it the ghostly sounds in the middle of the night or that one time your family came home to find the entire house in a mess after a burglary – but let’s be honest: real estate agents probably have the most interesting property-related experiences.

These realtors (and some buyers) have shared their real estate horror stories on popular discussion site Reddit. Be prepared; you’ll be surprised and shocked at some of the tales these people have to tell.

Big round of applause for this realtor who didn’t let the weird man faze her, managed to remain professional throughout the whole process, and finally sold the house:

Not me, but while my mom was in the process of divorcing my stepdad, my stepdad decided to live in the house whereas my mom moved to an apartment. The realtor called up my mom on 3 different occasions to tell her what my step dad had done.

  1. He had taken the For Sale sign out of the ground and into the house in hopes that the realtor would not show the house since there was no sign.
  2. He answered the door in a towel while the realtor was with a client and trying to open the door with her key.
  3. When the realtor showed up, he was sitting on the front porch wearing only a pair of khaki shorts. He let the realtor and her client into the house, but proceeded to follow them around and dump all his marital woes on them.

Despite all this, the realtor managed to still sell the house. I never met the woman, but she sounds like one of the best realtors in the world. –ShadowsBestFriend 

Crazy people everywhere

How about this one? It will definitely make you want to check inside the walls for any hidden cameras or microphones, especially in the bathrooms and bedrooms.

Not that I was buying but one I was visiting.

I went to visit my sister in California and once I flew in I wanted to shower. Well I took a long enough shower that the mirror was all steamy when I got out. Except one tiny dot in the middle of the mirror. My immediate thought process was “Oh weird. I guess if you draw on a mirror with expo it won’t steam around it.” So I went to go investigate and upon looking right up to it I realized it was a camera lens.

Well I freaked and ran out to her room and dressed then went and told her. We went around our back and looked in a utility closet type thing that looked like it was in line with her room. Sure enough the drywall had been cut away and re patched at some point. We cut it open and while there was no camera there was a little lens still stuck to the mirror. It’s real freaky to think whoever was getting actually spied on and if they ever actually knew. Eeeeeek! –snapdragonflies

constant vigilance mad eye moody

Ladies, it’s important to always be alert during a viewing. Might be a good idea to learn some basic self-defense too!

I had someone come into an open house I was doing for another agent. It was very obvious she was binging on something. She kept trying to get me to leave and show her a house up the street that had a for sale sign. She was erratic and made little sense. I finally got her to leave by pulling out my phone ready to call someone.

I followed her to the door, shut and locked it. I watched through the blinds as she went to the vacant house and stood staring at it until two guys came walking out and she started pointing at the house I was in. I left. Did not care about anything other than getting in my car and getting the hell anywhere else. I’ve never done an open house since and just won’t. Up until then I did them all the time.

I did not know it at the time, it was a very bad area. The agent that asked me to hold it open had torn down an old house and put a new one in it’s place. He did not give me any indication that I should even have someone come with me. Was a pretty shitty thing for him to do. Definitely has made me more conscious when it comes to my surroundings or just not putting myself in a bad situation. –stillhasmuchness

karate girl self-defence

You might want to prepare a paper bag for this one if you have an active imagination and get queasy easily:

The lady next door to me died, and wasn’t found until she was…. more liquid than solid on her living room carpet. The family couldn’t pay something about back taxes or something, and the house went to HUD (Housing and Development) to auction. HUD paid for some cleanup, but not to replace the carpet, only steam clean it.

So it finally sold, and [I] was talking to the guy who is flipping it, before I could mention the death, he asked if the house had a water leak under the foundation…… Because when they ripped up the carpet and pad to put down the lament floor, it was really dirty and got all over them and their clothes…… Told him what happened and how HUD went cheap on what to fix before the auction, he got green as a pea and started puking right there on his side of the fence. –tieberion

so gross

This one is downright shocking. Imagine you’re doing a house viewing and somebody is unconscious – possibly dead – in one of the rooms:

Not a realtor – but about 9 years ago, when looking to buy a house in Philly, my friend and I had a realtor show us a dozen or so houses. Halfway through – we were looking at a house that had renters living in it. One renter answered the door and told us he was the only one home, so he’d stay out of the way and we could look wherever we wanted.

We (realtor + my friend and I) came to a closed bedroom door. We knocked. No response. Opened the door into a dark room. Turned on the light and there was someone on the bed. We apologized, closed the door and went downstairs. After telling the other renter his buddy was home, he looked sorta worried – ran upstairs and then came back down quickly. He had called 911 because his roommate wasn’t breathing and we could keep looking around if we wanted.

We were all so shaken that we cut our day of house hunting short. No idea what ended up happening – but we didn’t buy that house. –darkmeatchicken

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