In the future, our homes may no longer be built using brick and mortar. More likely, they’ll be 3D-printed and assembled together like Lego blocks, saving precious time and cost to build sustainable and affordable homes. In the same vein, it goes to reason that besides the roof over our heads (so to speak), the furniture we use indoors – and even outdoors – could all soon be 3D-printed as well, using recycled materials. The technology allows designers to create customized and unique product designs for their clients, to suit sorts of aesthetic tastes. We’ve found some beautiful examples where innovation, creativity and functionality meet, to give us an idea of the beautiful furniture 3D-printing technology is capable of producing.

One of the most common types of 3D-printed furniture is chairs. All sorts of chairs – from stools and benches, to dining chairs and loungers – artists and designers have poured their creativity into creating fantastic, versatile, and sometimes downright funky chairs.

(Image by Industrial Design Served)

(Image by 3Ders)

(Image by Alvin Huang/Synthesis Design)

Of course, if there are 3D-printed chairs, there are also tables to go with them. From utilitarian office desks to minimalist coffee tables, designers have taken inspiration from nature, geometry and even gothic themes to bring their furniture concept art to life with the help of 3D printing.

(Image from NOWlab)

(Image by Joris Laarman)

(Image from Straight Line Designs)

This storage wall by proves that 3D-printed furniture isn’t all chairs and tables. Colorful and geometric shapes as well as rich texture – all make this a decorative product for the home or office. Just like contemporary furniture in traditional materials, it is a great way to display and store your favorite books, wines, and plants along with some interior decorations.

(Image from 3D Printing Industry)

A home always needs illumination, and these 3D-printed lamps fuse form with functionality to add the finishing touches. Embrace the sleek curves of a hanging lamp, or pick a classic stand lamp for ambient lighting in any room.

(Image from FractalForums)

(Image by MGX by Materialise)

Oh, and in case you prefer something a little bit more suited for personal daily use, why not try out this pair of 3D-printed glasses?

(Image from ic! berlin)