Dublin is one of the world’s best cities to land a job, but unfortunately also the last for finding a suitable place to live. Ireland’s capital was ranked at the bottom of the 82 cities surveyed in the Expat City Ranking 2019 by Internations, which is mainly a social community for expats.

A total of 86% of people surveyed from overseas living in Dublin said they found it difficult to get housing, compared to an average of 32% globally. Over 20,000 expats across the world took part in the survey and were asked about their experience of find housing and the affordability of housing. In addition to finding it difficult to find somewhere to live in Dublin, respondents said that the cost of living was too high.

“The cost of living is a turn off, it’s a nightmare to find an apartment to rent and equally so to find good childcare options,” one Brazilian respondent said. Another survey participant from Portugal said the rental market was so bad it was causing them to consider leaving the city.

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This is the second year in a row that Dublin came in last place in the ‘Finance and Housing’ index part of the survey.

Dublin came in 72nd place in the overall rankings out of 82 countries of the best countries for expats.

Abbey Street, Dublin (Source: Wikipedia)

Despite this, Dublin was ranked in third place for job and careers — only Ho Chi Min City and Prague beat the Irish capital in this category.

It also came in 8th place for urban work life, and 16th for local friendliness, in addition to 67% of people surveyed saying that they were happy living in the Irish capital.

The top five places for ex-pats to move to were Taipei (Taiwan), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Ho Chi Min City (Vietnam), Singapore (Malaysia) and Montreal (Canada). The worst five countries for expats were Kuwait City, Rome (Italy), Milan (Italy), Lagos (Nigeria) and Paris (France).

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The best 10 cities for housing
1. Kuala Lumpur
2. Ho Chi Minh City
3. Bangkok
4. Houston
5. Montréal
6. Panama City
7. Manama
8. Muscat
9. Johannesburg
10. Mexico City

The best 10 cities ranked in the Expat City ranking 2019
1. Taipei
2. Kuala Lumpur
3. Ho Chi Minh City
4. Singapore
5. Montreal
6. Lisbon
7. Barcelona
8. Zug
9. The Hague
10. Basel