MELBOURNE, Australia, March 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Win Senior No. 401 Pty Ltd ACN 648 202 135 (“the Issuer“) proposes to issue up to AUD $25 million fully secured Debentures for subscription by Investors.

Wingate Property Finance Pty Ltd (Manager) will manage the investment and is one of the most experienced asset managers in Australia.  The Manager is the holding company of the Issuer.

The details are as follows:


Win Senior No. 401 Pty Ltd ACN 648 202 135

Facility Amount

AUD $ 25,500,000

Minimum participation

AUD $ 10,000,000


Construction: 22 months

Land: 15 Months

Interest Rate

Construction Facility: 6.50% per annum (8.15% for periods of
default), compounding annually and payable at maturity

Land Facility: 9.30% per annum (12.5% for periods of default),
compounding monthly and payable at maturity


Construction: Line fee of 2.05% per annum based on the Facility
Amount, compounding monthly and payable at maturity


The Issuer will invest the proceeds of the Debentures in providing
a facility for

–  the construction of a residential development consisting of
   141 apartments across two buildings of eight levels each
    and a three level basement carpark

–  the refinance of two development sights adjoining the
   development for the proposed future stages of the precinct.

Located on the property in the Australian Capital Territory.

The Manager is seeking expressions of interest from prospective Investors for participation in the proposed Debenture issue to be undertaken in April 2020.

Interested Investors are invited to notify The Manager of their interest in the Debentures, the scale of their prospective interest in the Debentures and any terms / conditions required in relation to that prospective investment. 

A term sheet and a draft Investment Agreement, are available upon request.


Nothing in this invitation constitutes a representation by the Issuer or any of its Related Entities (as defined in the Corporations Act 2001) in relation to the issue.  Investors must rely solely on their own investigations and not on any other information provided by the Issuer or the Manager in making the decision to participate  in the Debenture issue.


The information contained in this invitation and any other information provided in relation to the Debenture issue must be kept confidential.