Planon’s open platform application enables its user community to connect with the latest technical solutions in PropTech

BRIGHTON, England, June 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Planon, the leading, global provider of innovative Real Estate and Facility Management software, announced today that it has launched its online Marketplace to feature new add-on applications and integrations, which have been developed by Planon and its network of innovative technology partners. This online overview is an excellent new resource for organisations who are looking for the latest options around digitalisation in this rapidly expanding world of PropTech.

“I’m very proud of Planon’s new Marketplace as it provides a very visible illustration of where we are heading with our market-leading strategy,” said Pierre Guelen, Founder and CEO of Planon. “Providing an open platform and partnership approach to world-class solution providers, integration partners and resellers has been a key strategic step for Planon. And now, with our online Marketplace we have provided our full community of users with immediate access to the Planon ecosystem, offering great new opportunities to our clients and our partners alike.”

Planon’s ecosystem is expanding every day and new solutions will be added regularly. The Marketplace is an ideal way to present a wide choice of specialised applications to extend Planon’s solutions for Corporate Real Estate and Facility Managers, for Service Providers, and for Campus Managers. It shows the key features and related Planon solution of the latest, top-notch technical developments to help organisations counter the new challenges they face.

About Planon

Planon is the leading global provider of Real Estate and Facility Management software that enables building and service digitalisation by integrating the diverse landscape of smart building technology, business solutions and data into one source of truth and turning that into value for building owners, building users, and service providers. Independent market research and consulting firms have consistently rated Planon as a global leader in the market. Planon has implemented its comprehensive solutions for more than 2,500 clients, supported by offices and partners around the world.

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