SINGAPORE, SYDNEY and HONG KONG, July 29, 2021  /PRNewswire/ — For many of us, heading to the shopping mall is a national pastime we look forward to, whether to pick up groceries at the supermarket or browse the shops. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it more challenging for property developers, with decreased footfall traffic across many malls and office sites as more consumers turn to shopping online amid safe distancing measures and personal safety concerns. As a result, many retail and property owners have had to rethink their plans in creating safer and better customer experiences for shoppers and office workers to be assured of peace of mind to return to the malls and offices.

Certis’ Security+ solution enables a safer and smarter shopping experience for customers at PLQ
Certis’ Security+ solution enables a safer and smarter shopping experience for customers at PLQ

Shoppers and visitors who still need to shop physically can do so with greater peace of mind now, with Security+ bringing about enhanced and safe experiences at Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ) comprising PLQ 1, 2, 3 and Mall. Certis, Asia’s leading integrated security services provider, announced today that it is delivering Security+, an integrated solution comprising security, technology, and customer service across the building parameters of PLQ[1]. The development, managed by Lendlease, spans a 4-hectare site.

Certis’ Security+ solution can achieve the following outcomes:

a. Safer Shopper, Visitor Experience with Smart, Low-Touch Technology

In line with low-touch demands of the new normal, Security+ will deploy an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled robot, which operates 24/7 to interact with shoppers and visitors to provide wayfinding services. Oscar, an autonomous purpose-built robot with AI detection capabilities, can detect and sound alerts upon encountering illegally-parked bicycles, fires, and people smoking in non-designated areas or loitering in PLQ after hours. It also has the capabilities to broadcast pre-planned or emergency messages to members of the public.

By Q4 2021, shoppers can use the touch screen of OSCAR to access the mall directory. Oscar will then be able to identify crowding, and play messages to inform shoppers to adhere to safe distancing measures. By adapting to and embracing changes in the new normal, the low-touch solution will motivate shoppers to choose PLQ for safer and better shopping experiences.

b. Higher Productivity Expected

Certis’ Security+ incorporates leading technology into security services to integrate management and security services across multiple sites. With technology, productivity levels of mall operations will increase while maintaining security and high service delivery standards, providing shoppers and visitors with a safer and better shopping experience.

Monitored by the BPRO® Command Centre (BCC) located remotely at Certis’ Commonwealth office in Singapore, which will receive information feeds from CCTVs, sensors, and intercom systems spread across the four PLQ buildings. Orchestrated by a single command and control for multiple sites, the BCC will also receive live feeds from Oscar, and can make use of data surveillance to resolve issues such as locating missing children or items.

c. Skilled Workforce

PLQ is supported by a pool of skilled security officers that are ready to take on a myriad of roles where needed. Certis security officers are trained for concierge and technological operations. Through upskilling programmes at the Certis Corporate University and on-the-job training in emergency response and digital literacy for the various technology platforms used for Security+, such as Argus and Mozart, they are able to handle various roles on demand.

Certis also empowers its officers with digital tools to continually boost their efficiency and productivity. At PLQ, officers are armed with Certis’ Argus mobile app to respond directly to issues whenever notified by the BCC.

Mr Ronald Poon, Chief Executive, Certis Singapore said, “Certis’ Security+ has continued to deliver strong business outcomes of higher efficiency and productivity for our customers. Across many commercial buildings and malls we secure, Certis has delivered more than 25% increase in productivity and efficiency levels. With Security+, Paya Lebar Quarter can remain focused on what they do best in placemaking. We remain committed to innovation and developing new technology solutions, so that we continue to help our customers transform for better outcomes in the new normal.”

[1] PLQ is a 4-hectare mixed-use development comprising three Grade-A office towers, a retail mall and three residential towers, surrounded by a lush expanse of greenery and landscape.

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