LONDON, Oct. 20, 2021 PRNewswire/– The Commonwealth of Dominica is continuously proving itself to be a leading nation regarding its tourism product. Condé Nast reaffirmed this in its Travellers Readers’ Choice Awards which included Dominica’s Secret Bay as part of its top 40 list of resorts in the Caribbean.

Renowned internationally for its architecture that seamlessly combines luxury with sustainability, Secret Bay offers holidaymakers a means of buying into the award-winning property and a gateway to Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme. CBI enables vetted investors to purchase a share of the property in exchange for second citizenship.

As much of the world begins to recover from the pandemic, it has become evident that having a second home is a necessity rather than a luxury, especially during times of crisis. Second citizenship can facilitate you and your family with safety, security, and abundant travel and business opportunities.

Asian investors have long shown interest in CBI as a tool to empower their future with the real estate route being of most interest. The return on investment that comes with purchasing government-approved property is an attractive incentive for investors who are looking to secure second citizenship. Secret Bay, one of a handful of government-approved real estate options under the CBI Programme, recently celebrated its 100th ROI payment to its CBI clientele, demonstrating its popularity amongst foreign investors.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said: “…Investing in Secret Bay, you can be assured of your investment. You can be assured of a return on your investment. It is a project that cannot be compared to any other in the Caribbean.”

Operating for over two decades, Dominica’s CBI Programme offers families a trusted Plan B with life-changing benefits. Applicants can either invest in a government fund designed to support national development or purchase a select property. Aside from Secret Bay, investors can choose seven other real estate options from hoteliers like Marriott, Hilton and Kempinski or boutique resorts like Jungle Bay.

The Programme has also been consistently ranked as the world’s best offering for second citizenship by experts at the Financial Times’ PWM magazine. The researchers have continuously highlighted the Programme’s affordability, meticulous due diligence standards and efficiency as reasons for its global appeal.

Those who become citizens of the island gain a second home in a stable economy with a currency pegged to the US dollar, visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to roughly 75% of the globe and access to some of the world’s top education and healthcare institutions.