PETALING JAYA, Malaysia, Feb. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The quintessential neighbourhood shopping centre, IPC Shopping Centre has invested in upgrading and refurbishing equipment within the centre to provide an improved Shopping experience for its customers.

A new and exciting playground, ‘Playland’ located at the Courtyard on Level G.
A new and exciting playground, ‘Playland’ located at the Courtyard on Level G.

Karyn Lim, General Manager of IPC Shopping Centre said, “IPC has been receiving tremendous support from the surrounding community for over 18 years. As IPC aims to provide its customers with a Home Away from Homeexperience, we strive to continue upgrade ourselves by improving our hospitality services, offering a wider retail tenant-mix, and hosting more unique family-friendly events to engage with our shoppers and their loved ones.”

New and Improved Facilities

As part of the expansion, a brand-new escalator has been installed at prime traffic areas at LG1 (food cluster zone) and Level G (fashion cluster zone). This addition will improve navigation and traffic flow, allowing more entry points between LG1 and G. Besides this, the development also includes the refurbishment of family rooms with adequate lighting, Armstrong’s Medintone flooring (a medical-grade, anti-bacterial flooring which acts as an infection control to keep families safe) and a dedicated, advanced air ventilation system that has air purifying properties. Additionally, the nursing rooms in the upgraded family rooms have been equipped with locks to provide privacy and a comfortable setting for mothers to nurse their babies. The rooms also have an integrated play area for toddlers, sinks, water heaters as well as a hot and cold-water dispenser. Keeping customers’ health and safety at utmost priority, the centre has upgraded the air ventilation and air filtration system throughout the space. The shopping centre also has indoor plants around the centre for phytoremediation, to improve the air quality in the premise.

‘Fun’ and ‘Play’ at IPC Shopping Centre

To grab the attention of young families and provide a meaningful play experience for children in a clean, safe environment, IPC has built another new and fascinating playground called ‘Playland’ located at the courtyard on Level G. It comes with a variety of play equipment including slides, tunnels, and small-climbing areas that are set up like a mini obstacle course. This challenges older children to explore the space creatively while having fun.

At IPC’s ‘Funland’ playground on Level 2, new and exciting dinosaur-themed playsets and interactive panels have been installed for younger children to explore and have hours of fun. These playsets include spring riders, seesaws, slides and educational panels where younger children can explore and spend time. IPC has integrated tenants such as Popular, Toys R Us, PONEY and Happikiddo into ‘Funland’. These improvements have transformed ‘Funland’ into a family zone, for parents and children to create new memories together in a safe, fun and educational environment. Funland will soon be available for booking through the IPC website for parents who are looking for a clean, safe, fun and vibrant space to celebrate their children’s’ birthday parties.

Commenting on the recent enhancements, Adrian Mirea, Shopping Centre & Mixed-Use Director of Ikano Centres said, “Everything we do at Ikano Centres always starts with and from our customers.”

IPC Shopping Centre also works towards bringing its community together outside the physical location of the shopping centre through its “Happiness to Home” CSR initiative.

As a sign of appreciation to their tenants and shoppers, IPC Shopping Centre launched the “Citer-Citer IPC” initiative that featured exclusive E-vouchers for shoppers whilst simultaneously offering behind-the-scenes footage of retailers who have struggled during the pandemic. By prioritising customer needs and adding value to their tenants and community, IPC Shopping Centre was awarded SILVER in Malaysia’s Best Managed & Sustainable Property Awards 2021 and is the 1st LEED – certified commercial building under the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) in the nation.

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