U.S. Immigration Fund Announces the Reauthorization of the EB-5 Immigration Regional Center Program.

WASHINGTON, March 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As of Tuesday the President has signed and approved the FY2022 Omnibus Appropriations Bill which includes updates to the EB-5 program. This approval comes after months of negotiations, provisions, and efforts within the entire EB-5 industry. Now that the EB-5 Regional Center Program has been authorized through 2027, here’s a brief overview of the included updates.

The President Re-authorized the EB-5 Program on Tuesday with Favorable Provisions
The President Re-authorized the EB-5 Program on Tuesday with Favorable Provisions

A snapshot of the Updates:

  • The EB-5 Regional Center Program will be renewed through FY2027 in legislation passed by the President on Tuesday. The program had been expired since June 30, 2021
  • The program will be renewed for 5-year periods there-after, through the effective date will be 60 days following the enactment.
  • Protects investors from future expirations of the EB-5 program and applies to investors who file before September 30, 2026.
  • Updates the responsibility of determination of High Unemployment Areas (TEAs) to Homeland Security vs. individual state and other local government authority.
  • The minimum investment amounts are now increased to $800,000 from $500,000 for TEA’s and 1,050,000 in non-designated TEA areas.
  • EB-5 Visa set-asides have been updated with 32% priority within a fiscal year for specific projects with the following updated breakdown:
    • 20% will be set-aside for rural projects.
    • 10% will be set-aside for high unemployment areas.
    • 2% will be set-aside for infrastructure projects.
  • Grandfathering language has been included that ensures investors can proceed with their cases regardless of sunset dates.
  • USCIS is now able to accept new Regional Center filings and will start to continue to adjudicate pending cases that were suspended after the program expired last year.

Programs like EB-5 are structured to improve the U.S. local and regional economies with projects that generate and save hundreds of thousands of American jobs,” said Nick Mastroianni, II, Chairman of U.S. Immigration Fund, an EB-5 Regional Center. He continued that “Today’s achievement of getting the EB-5 Regional Center Program re-authorized is really an investment in the future of our country and economy. We are hopeful and look forward to the hundreds of thousands of U.S. jobs that USIF and other regional center projects create.”

U.S. Immigration Fund is accepting investor applications from all over the world. To see if you qualify for the EB-5 Regional Center Program, click here. USIF became an established EB-5 Regional Center in 2010. Since then, USIF has formed and sponsored highly successful regional centers throughout the United States that have collectively assisted over 5,000 EB-5 investors and their families.

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Source: U.S. Immigration Fund