TOKYO, March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — RENOSY, the online real estate platform service run by GA technologies Co.,Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-Ku, Tokyo; CEO: Ryo Higuchi; Securities code: 3491; Hereinafter refers to “the Company”) has released the newest ranking result of “The  best places to live in Tokyo of 2022 by RENOSY”. The data has been collected during the past 1 year (Jan., 2021~Dec. 2021) and sorted out based on deals made among RENOSY customers with an annual salary over 10,000,000 JPY (approx. 82,000 USD). 

Key Highlights

  • The research result was based on the actual deals made (RENOSY rent & lease service)  among customers with an annual salary over 10,000,000 JPY
  • The top 3 locations are all centered at Minato-Ku with “Akasaka”, “Mita”, “Roppongi” ranked accordingly.
  • According to another research, customers with an annual salary over 30,000,000 JPY (approx.245,800 USD) tend to favor expensive properties with high scarcity. 

Data Collection Method

Period: January 1st, 2021~ December 31, 2021

Target: Properties managed by RENOSY in the major 23 areas of Tokyo metropolitan
Method of collection: Number of deals made among RENOSY customers with an annual salary over 10,000,000 JPY (#1) contracted with properties in the major 23 areas of Tokyo (#2) managed by RENOSY

#1 The area where residents have higher average annual salary is ranked higher if the number of contracts made are the same.
#2 The area is decided based on the address registered by the customers when processing the application.

Akasaka” tops the list as the most favorable location to live chosen by RENOSY customers with annual salary over 10,000,000 JPY

It’s time to take a closer look at the result in which Akasaka tops the list this time as the No.1 favorite location for living. It is also 3 places higher compared to the previous research.

With easy access to other major business areas such as Roppongi, Toranomon, Otemachi by car or train, Akasaka is the top 1 area most favorable among businesspeople. The area is full of business facilities and organizations including US and other foreign embassies, TV stations, IT companies, financial organizations, advertising companies and companies or organizations with high skilled white-collar specialists gathered such as lawyers, pharmacists etc. 

The list continues with “Mita” at the second place and “Roppongi” at the third in which Minato-Ku takes the top 3. Besides these three, “Nishi-Azabu” ranked as No.10 this time is also located in Minato-Ku. With 4 locations taken over the list, Minato-Ku has shown its unbeatable popularity among businesspeople. We could also see this tendency from another research done by Tokyo Shoko Research (TSR): Areas with the most CEO population reside 2021 (#3). “Akasaka ” also tops the list in this research for 2 years in a row. The population with an identity as a CEO is 13.8% in Akasaka. In other words, 1 out of every 7 people on the street of Akasaka works as a CEO of a company.

Other locations that also drew attention, for example, “Kachidoki (Chuo-Ku)” a location that is popular among DINKs and couples with annual salaries over 10,000,000 JPY ranked as No.4 this time. “Kami Osaki (Shinagawa-Ku)” also is 8 ranks higher compared to the previous year. “Ebisu (Shibuya-Ku)” which moves up 13 places higher is in the top 10 list and ends as No.9 this time.

#Please click the link below for further details about the research

Best places to live in Tokyo of 2022 by RENOSY”

For more details regarding the full research please refer to the following link:
(In Japanese only)

People with an annual salary over 30,000,000 JPY favor properties in expensive areas with high scarcity

In order to understand the tendency of the affluent class when choosing a real estate property, we also carried out another research on customers with annual salaries over 30,000,000 JPY this time.The list of the locations selected is as followed: No.1 “Roppongi”, No.2 “Akasaka (Minato-Ku)”, with “Nibancho (Chiyoda-Ku)” comes in third, “Sanbancho (Chiyoda-Ku)” comes in fourth and “Harumi (Chuo-Ku)” ends up with a fifth place. Although, there are no huge differences from the 10 million JPY group, we could see that as the annual salary goes higher, people tend to favor properties that are more expensive and with higher scarcity located in expensive areas (#4)

(#3) “Areas with the most CEO population resides of 2021” researched by Tokyo Shoko Research (
(#4) “Percentage of change of listings sold(pre-owned apartments) in Tokyo metropolitan during the pandemic” researched by Mansion Research Ltd

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# The number of RENOSY members is by January 2022; the number of listings is by October 2020

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