HANGZHOU, China, April 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently in Hangzhou, China, the Wisdom Tower PLUS, a high-profile smart office building of the Shimao Wisdom Tower complex was launched onto the market and immediately rose to prominence as a centerpiece among the city’s smart landmarks.

Sharing the Vision of Asian Games 2022: A State-of-the-art and Smart Space for Business
Sharing the Vision of Asian Games 2022: A State-of-the-art and Smart Space for Business

In 2022, the 19th Asian Games will soon open in Hangzhou. Seeing it as a new opportunity to further upgrade its influence and tier after the G20 Summit, Hangzhou makes an all-out effort, such as investing around 200 billion yuan, or 31.38 billion USD in infrastructure, to make the city smarter and more stylish for the Games and everything beyond.

Shimao Wisdom Towers are a pair of large-scale urban complexes located just next to the main venues of the upcoming 2022 Asian Games in Binjiang High-Tech Zone, which is a priority district at the heart of the development strategy of Hangzhou as a sustainable riverside city. According to official statistics released by the local government, In the first half of 2021, the regional GDP of Binjiang ranked third among all districts of its kind in Zhejiang Province. Throughout the same year, the number of patents licensed in Binjiang reached 17,874, more than that in any other districts in the whole Province. As the host of top global digital tech corporations such as Microsoft and Cisco, this District is always committed to fostering a thriving intelligent economy.

Being the only smart office building on sale in the Binjiang Free Trade Zone, Shimao Wisdom Towers have risen to prominence in Hangzhou. Shimao Wisdom Tower PLUS brings the city’s idea of smart and intelligent business space to a next level. It is the first completed smart building among the landmarks surrounding the Asian Games Village complex.

Giving importance to environmental sensitivity, Shimao Wisdom Tower PLUS are certified by both WELL and LEED for green and sustainable building. It has an artistically furnished lobby which is a 1000m²-large, two-storey-high soaring space, a rooftop helicopter pad, and 29 Mitsubishi elevators. Smart platforms, including smart parking system, smart access control system, smart workplace and smart building management system are applied and upgraded in this Tower. Shimao Wisdom Tower PLUS is everything a 5A Grade A building stands for and more regarding to decor, amenities and smart facilities both in public spaces and indoor offices. For each floor, the area is around 2000m² and the height is about 4.2 meters, with no pillars partitioning the space. With the building efficiency ratio as high as about 64%, therefore more usable area, the Tower is an ideal place to move your offices in.

As a landmark building sharing the same vision of “being smart” as the Asian Games in China, Shimao Wisdom Tower PLUS is ready to come under the spotlight, and present itself to the world as a testimony of how smart solutions can empower Hangzhou, one of the most intelligent cities of China.