PASAY CITY, Philippines, Aug. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Managing a household is a fulfilling yet tough, especially when aiming for a more sustainable way of life. Homemakers now understand the significance of living sustainably, not only for the environment but also for their family’s health.

Living green involves making choices that contribute to a healthier planet while ensuring future generations will be able to enjoy the same quality of life. This includes reducing carbon footprint by consuming fewer natural resources by products that are less harmful to the environment.

SM Store has made eco-friendly choices easier with its SM Green Finds program. The program offers a wide range of sustainable products that are both environmentally sound and convenient for consumers.

In support of this, ACE Express offers a wide array of biodegradable cleaning products for environmentally conscious homemakers. One of the standout products that carry the Green Finds badge are organic cleaners formulated with green surfactants which make them safe for families and the environment.

“A sustainable household uses less energy, conserves earth’s resources and uses products that are less harmful to the environment.  Ace Express is committed to making sustainable products more available in as many categories as possible,” said Bernard Ong, SVP and ACE Hardware Business Head.

ACE Express also offers natural-growing media to garden lovers suh as Ramgo, Vertigo, and Konice, which use by-products found in local farms  in the Philippines. These alternatives to conventional growing media are perfect for those who want to start planting sustainably.

In addition, plantitos and plantitas can also choose from ACE’s sustainable pots made from wood powder, rice, or corn husks with resin.

Customers seeking sustainable products for their homes will discover a variety of linens bedsheets and towels made of bamboo in SM Home. Shoppers can complement these with SM Store’s handcrafted home accents by local artisans made from locally-sourced materials like rattan, bamboo, and abaca. 

“SM Home collaborates with our suppliers to offer first to market sustainable products. We always aim not only to make our customers feel good about the choices they make but also make their home green,” said Janice Yang, SM Home Business Head.

One shining example is Bright Ideas—a social enterprise that manufactures home scents and candles available at SM Home. “The SM Store serves as the marketplace to showcase their products and offerings as well as an avenue for these MSMEs to hone their entrepreneurial skills and grow their businesses, and a catalyst that inspires more businesses to embrace sustainability, one step at a time,” said Dhinno Tiu, EVP SM Store.

As more people shift to a greener lifestyle, Filipino families can make small changes that will allow them to promote sustainability at home.

SM Green Finds makes green living easy for its customers by promoting products that are eco-friendly, naturally sourced and supports local communities.