Organization aims to support education for needy deaf children in Pakistan

KARACHI, Pakistan, May 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hexagon Developments, a leading property developer, has signed a pledge to donate a fixed amount from each sale to Deaf Reach Schools & Colleges, a program of Family Educational Services Foundation.

Organization aims to support education for needy deaf children in Pakistan.
Organization aims to support education for needy deaf children in Pakistan.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Richard Geary, Founder of Deaf Reach, and Mrs. Basra Haider, Director of Sales for Hexagon Developments.

Hexagon Developments is a leading property developer bringing best practices to the Pakistan real estate market.  Hexagon delivers high quality services while also creating social impact in needy sectors in Pakistan.  

“We are humbled to be able to support great organizations such as Deaf Reach, and have pledged an amount from every sale of our properties in support of their work with deaf children.  In this way, not just us, but our clients will also play a part in contributing to improve the social fabric of Pakistani society.  With large numbers of deaf children in Pakistan, there is huge scope for assisting these children and making a difference in their lives,” said Mrs. Haider.

Richard Geary, Founder and Sitara-i-Khidmat awardee, said on the occasion of the signing ceremony, “Deaf children have a right to education in their native language – which is sign language. Deaf Reach works extensively to train teachers, as well as to provide literacy and sign language training to parents, enabling them to communicate with their deaf children. To ensure sustainability and the continuity of top-level services, Deaf Reach actively engages with the government for service provision and advocacy. Likewise, it is essential for the corporate sector to do the same, and to this end we look forward to a strong partnership with Hexagon.”

In Pakistan there are over 1 million deaf children of school age, yet less than 5% attend school. 

Deaf Reach is one of the only branch networks of schools for the Deaf in Pakistan reaching out into rural areas.  7 Deaf Reach Schools, Training Centers & Colleges in 7 cities provide academic and vocational skills training to over 1,250 deaf children and adolescents.

Facilities cover all academic and vocational costs, inclusive of free pick and drop transport, a healthy lunch, books & stationery, uniforms and more.

Founded more than 3 decades ago, this award-winning program has benefitted thousands of deaf youth to date.