Update [14 Nov 2022]: The Kelana Jaya LRT Line has resumed operations at 6.00 a.m. on 14 November 2022 (Monday). Commuters taking the Kelana Jaya LRT Line will enjoy free rides from 14th to 20th November 2022 as compensation.

Following 2 consecutive days of LRT delays, technical difficulties, and station closures leaving commuters in the Klang Valley stranded at peak hours, it has been announced that a total of 16 stations on the LRT Kelana Jaya line will be closed for a week, starting today (9 November) until next Tuesday (15 November). The Kelana Jaya LRT service will only operate from the Gombak station to the Damai station and from the Lembah Subang station to Putra Heights. Operations of the Kelana Jaya LRT service will end earlier, which is at 11pm. According to a statement by Rapid Rail Sdn Bhd, the cause of the disruption to the electronic components of the Automatic Train Control System (ATC) on the Kelana Jaya LRT line service had yet to be identified.

(Source: RapidKL Facebook page)

Free Shuttle/Feeder Bus Service

RapidKL has provided free feeder bus services to reduce congestion along the Kelana Jaya line. The free feeder bus routes are provided between:

  • Ara Damansara LRT ↔ Pasar Seni LRT
  • Ara Damansara LRT ↔ Kelana Jaya LRT
  • Kelana Jaya LRT ↔ Pasar Seni LRT
  • Pasar Seni LRT ↔ Masjid Jamek LRT
  • Masjid Jamek LRT ↔ Damai LRT

There will also be trains going between:

  • Putra Heights LRT ↔ Lembah Subang LRT
  • Damai LRT ↔ Gombak LRT
(Source: RapidKL Facebook page)

Alternative Routes/Solutions

Some helpful netizens have provided some suggestions for their fellow commuters who are understandably confused by this whole situation. One Facebook user Sam Lee gave some tips on alternative routes that LRT commuters can use to reach their destination. He said,

Route A: Those going to Pasar Seni, KL Sentral, Bangsar, Abdullah Hukum, Kerinchi, Universiti can take the RapidKL bus from Pasar Seni station.

Route B: To reach Ampang Park, KLCC, Kg Baru & Dang Wangi:

  1. Take the MRT Kajang line to MRT Bukit Bintang
  2. Hop on the Go KL Green Line bus to reach the stations stated.

Route C: To reach NU Sentral (KL Sentral), get down at MRT Muzium Negara.

Route D: To reach KLCC, get down at MRT Bukit Bintang and use the pedestrian link bridge to walk to KLCC.

Another user Saifuddin Iskandar Tong also suggested that those heading to Subang Jaya and Sunway could take the KTM Sky Park Link Express at KL Sentral, which costs only RM3.50. However, he noted that the Sky Park Link would only stop at Subang Airport, Subang Jaya, and KL Sentral.

As reported by SAYS, in the true spirit of Malaysians helping Malaysians, local radio stations Fly FMBuletin FM, and Hot FM have released similar statements to their Twitter pages, stating that their teams are able to provide free rides (with limited seats) to certain LRT stations. Some of the drivers even went the extra mile (literally!) and dropped some of their passengers off at KLCC!

Public Response and Feedback

(Source: Hype.my)

The recent frequent delays and closures along the LRT line has frustrated and angered many commuters who rely on public transport to get to work. With the week-long closure of 16 stations along the Kelana Jaya line – most of them being vital public transport points – many commuters are angry and said the solutions provided by RapidKL do not help solve the problem. Some pointed out that the traffic jam on roads were bad enough, with the free bus shuttle service adding to the congestion, while others lamented the fact that e-hailing rides were too expensive especially for those with long commutes during peak hours. Some commuters were fortunate enough to be able to request for work from home (WFH) for the week, but others are not so lucky and will have to rearrange their (sleeping) schedules just to reach their workplace on time.

One Facebook user Swiing Yew commented on RapidKL’s page saying that “solution provided is much more important than a sidang media (press conference) from user/commuter perspective… Action[s speak] louder than word[s], I think even high schooler know this”. Another Facebook user Muhymeen Ameen said that compensation should be given to commuters who bought the My50 monthly pass. A comment by Facebook user Ku Raihan Ku Rahim that received over 200 likes stated that RapidKL should increase the frequency of their shuttle bus and provide them at every station, adding that even the usual buses were already full like sardines. Meanwhile, Facebook user Anisha Sasheendran also pointed out that RapidKL should provide their social media updates in English, as there were many non-Bahasa speakers such as expats and tourists that use the service.

What are your thoughts on this 1-week closure of one of the most important public transportation lines in the Klang Valley? Are you one of the commuters affected? Let us know!