HONG KONG, Nov. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Fire safety is paramount for high-rise buildings. Unfortunately, traditional fire-fighting methods may often be powerless when a fire does break out. As such, high-rise building designs must come with in-built firestop feature. Hilti’s solutions not only provide such firestop solutions but also, in the most sustainable manner possible in the industry.

Why typical firefighting methods aren’t enough

The height of a building, a high concentration of people, and the limited capacity of elevators and stairwells can make it challenging to evacuate all occupants quickly. As fire tends to spread vertically, a blaze may potentially reach large numbers of people who are far from the ground.

Sam Keung, Head of Engineering, Hilti North Asia adds, “Furthermore, fire department ladders and hoses may not reach the source of a fire at higher levels. This makes effective fire, smoke, and toxic gas protection and containment critical, as high-rise buildings need to cope with much longer fire exposure times. In particular, a strict compartmentation plan is crucial to create escape routes, help save lives, limit damage, and comply with legal requirements.”

More adequate, more reliable, and code-compliant firestop solutions

Hilti has developed innovative firestop solutions that not only help protect lives but may also solve engineering specifications and installation challenges, such as Hilti acrylic joint spray, a versatile spray for curtain wall or edge-of-slab applications where there is exposure to water. CFS-SP WB also has high-performance movement capabilities that meet leading industry test standards and can easily be painted.

With Hilti’s solutions, existing cables can be replaced without changing the firestop penetration, allowing the use of existing building walls. All of Hilti’s firestop solutions boast the lowest levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), ensuring the safety and health of building occupants.

Furthermore, the Hilti CFS-SL GA firestop speed sleeve is designed to reduce the quantity of odorous, irritating, and harmful indoor air contaminants (without changing the firestop wall penetration).

Firestop solution application in Evolution Tower, Europe

Standing 255 meters tall and spanning 55 stories, the Evolution Tower needed fire safety as a top priority. The building’s operator, also requested a high-performance, reliable firestop. 

However, speed of installation was the builder’s primary concern. Hilti rose to the challenge to devise and install top-tier, effective, and easy-to-install firestopping solutions despite the time crunch and highly stringent, almost uncompromising local performance requirements.

“Today, the Evolution Tower owes its passive fire safety to 32,000 CFS-D 25 cable discs, 35,000 cartridges of CP 660 firestop foam, and 250 CP 646 firestop wraps,” shared Sam. 

Green approved

Hilti incorporates green building performance criteria into its products, helping customers achieve green building standards such as VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), HSE Profile HPD (Health Product declaration) and C2C MHC (Cradle to cradle material health certification).

For more information about Hilti’s products and services, click here to visit the Hilti website and  download the whitepaper below: https://hilti.to/green_building

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