Total residential sales of branded homes exceed US$ 610 million at The Forestias

“It’s an exciting new concept that is inspired by the way families had always lived in Thailand – connected homes for multiple generations of the same family to live next to each other and spend more time together.” Mr. Chakrit Hassarangsee, Senior Vice President – MQDC

BANGKOK, Nov. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MQDC (Magnolia Quality Development Corporation), one of Thailand’s leading property developers, today, announced that it is opening the first of its Mulberry Grove The Forestias Villas residences on 1st December 2022. It will showcase a new concept in home design that allows multiple villas to be connected together so that extended families of several generations can live together while also enjoying the privacy of being in their own, separate home.

Thailand’s ‘Mulberry Grove Villas’ introduces ‘cluster homes’ for extended families at The Forestias
Thailand’s ‘Mulberry Grove Villas’ introduces ‘cluster homes’ for extended families at The Forestias

The Mulberry Grove Villas are comprised of 37 houses that range in size from around 1,000 square meters to 1,700 square meters. They are laid out across 4.16 hectares at the 64-hectare ‘The Forestias’ mixed use development, which is one of Thailand’s largest private sector property development projects and is located in eastern Bangkok in the rapidly developing ‘Eastern Economic Corridor’.

Mr. Chakrit Hassarangsee, MQDC’s Senior Vice President specializing in the development of the most luxurious residential brands said, “It’s an exciting new concept that is inspired by the way families had always lived in Thailand – in connected homes with multiple generations of the same family living next to each other. Modern urban lifestyle needs have made that increasingly difficult, and Mulberry Grove aims to help families reconnect. We have had a lot of interest in our concept and now we can invite families to view the real thing from the first of December onwards.”

He said that Mulberry Grove Villas are designed in three sizes, ranging from four to six bedrooms, and that families can decide on purchasing a combination of home types to create a cluster of different sized homes that can be connected by short walkways, but which are also separated by trees and other natural screens for privacy.

“The biggest homes have very large dining areas and communal spaces so that the entire family, from all generations, can gather together in one home, too, and with some homes comfortably seating twenty or more people at a table at the same time.”

Creating a cluster of houses, rather than having one single very large house, is also intended to let each generation design their interiors and their home layouts to suit their own, different generational needs and styles.

‘Time Bonus’

Mr. Roongroj Chongsujipan, Senior Vice President, MQDC said, “This concept, which lets one live in immediate proximity to one’s parents or adult children, or both, also gives homeowners a big ‘time bonus’. All generations, while living in a home designed just right for their own needs, can still reach other members of the family in less than a minute’s walk. Families can help each other with the care of children as well as provide care for elderly parents much more conveniently and at any time of day or night. It all translates to less time in traffic travelling between homes, and more time together for families.

“Another important benefit is that children will never feel left at home alone because there is always a family member nearby in one of the homes, while retired grandparents will be much more energized by always being a part of their children’s and grandchildren’s lives by being so close.”

The extra-large Mulberry Grove Villa type has around 1,700 sqm of floor space and is priced (at current exchange rates) at approximately US$8.7 million. The large villas have around 1,200 sqm of floor space and are priced at approximately US$6.2 million. And the medium size villas have around 1,000 sqm of floor space and are priced at US$5.2 million.

The Mulberry Grove Villas are located close to several other luxury components within The Forestias including the ultra-luxury Six Senses Residences, which are the first Six Senses Residences being built in Thailand, as well as a new Six Senses Hotel that is scheduled to open in 2024.

The Forestias is a new global prototype for a town development and is the world’s first town to have every aspect purposefully designed for healthier living. It is designed and being built by some of the world’s most respected experts and has already received more than 40 global awards recognising its outstanding aspects that focus on healthier living, environmental quality, and sustainability. Among the awards is a ‘Gold Award for Urban Design’ presented by the prestigious International Design Awards (IDA), a Platinum Award for environmental sustainability from the Outstanding Property Awards London, as well as being selected a Winner of the Visionary Living & Working award from Innovative Architecture.

Mr. Kittiphun Ouiyamaphun, Project Director – The Forestias, MQDC, said, “We have seen a lot of excitement around our various residential components, including the Mulberry Grove Villas, as well as at the Six Senses Residences. We feel very rewarded by seeing so many families committing to the various components of The Forestias and we are making very rapid progress with construction.”

The Forestias has registered total sales of residences across the multiple branded projects exceeding US$ 610 million.

One of the highlight features of The Forestias is a 4.8-hectares forest at the center of the development that has a 1.6-kilometer walkway weaving through the forest canopy. Apart from the residential components, The Forestias also includes lifestyle and family entertainment facilities, retail and food & beverage outlets, a Town Center for community activities and cultural pursuits, a Family Center, multiple markets, a sports complex, and commercial space for offices.