SHANGHAI, Dec. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Fortune China announced a list of “The Most Powerful Women: 2022.” Tammy Tang, Managing Director of Colliers | China, was selected as the only businesswoman in the real estate industry on this authoritative list.

Starting in 2010, this list represents the rising female power in China’s business world, gathering the most distinguished women in various industries, including entrepreneurs, business managers, and industrial leaders. This list does not only focus on the size of a candidate’s enterprise, the importance of its role in China and global economy, its operation condition, and its social influence. It emphasizes the female leadership in leaning forward to influence and change the future by using “HER” power to highlight the wisdom, courage, persistence and confidence of female leaders.

Stay True to Original Aspirations by Leading the Enterprise Through Professionalism and Innovation

Tammy Tang has over 20 years’ experience in China’s real estate market. She always stays true to her original aspiration to promote the rapid development of Colliers in China. Through her stewardship, it’s now an industrial leader recent years.

In addition to demonstrating her expertise in the industry, Tammy Tang also leads Colliers to pioneer and embrace change. Under her leadership, Colliers unswervingly adheres to China’s national strategies and actively trend-sets for the emerging market. In the meanwhile, Tammy Tang has the impressive courage to overturn traditional marketing tropes, embrace digital revolution, promote the industrial digital transformation, and reshape the marketing ecological model. This leads to the construction of an unique digital marketing matrix of Colliers, guiding the industry to handle market challenges through an agile digital system.

Implementing a Commercial Future, while Adhering to Sustainable Development Principles

Tammy Tang pays close attention to environmental changes and take social responsibility to lead Colliers to implement environmental protection policies, social responsibility, and company governance, while accelerating commercial development. Colliers has launched a new strategic framework by focusing on three key fields: improving the environment, increasing inclusiveness, and harmonizing with health and well-being.

Internally, Colliers continuously implements environmental protection, social responsibility, and company governance, and bears social responsibility positively in its own business and company management. Externally, Colliers launched the industrial initiative through professional practice and helps owners, investors and enterprises reduce or eliminate emissions related to the construction industry.

Embracing China’s Evolving National Development Strategy, and Exploring the New Model of the Future

Under the strong leadership of Tammy Tang, Colliers China has always been zeroing in on new business model, and promoting new growth. Medical care, cultural tourism, the meta-verse, new energy vehicles, ESG and other emerging fields have all been cultivated, closely keeping up with national strategy and supporting the economy and Chinese urban development. By making the best of its own sources and advantages, Colliers accelerates in its new track to lead the industry to a better future.

Tammy commented “It’s a great honour to be listed in “The Most Powerful Women: 2022″ by Fortune China. It’s not only great encouragement for myself, but also a valuable recognition for Colliers’ outstanding contribution in the real estate industry. Colliers will continue to embrace the future, to promote the enterprise culture of diversity and inclusion, and exercise positive corporate citizen influence.”