SINGAPORE, June 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In line with OrangeTee & Tie’s (OrangeTee) focus on strategic and sustainable growth, the senior management team has welcomed, Deputy Chief Executive Officer Justin Quek, who first joined the industry in the 2000s. He will apply his rich expertise and close to two decades of experience in real estate, proptech, strategic development and working with developers to support the company’s continued upward trajectory.

OrangeTee & Tie’s new Deputy Chief Executive Officer lays 2H 2023 plans for agency’s organisational transformation
OrangeTee & Tie’s new Deputy Chief Executive Officer lays 2H 2023 plans for agency’s organisational transformation

As part of the rejuvenation of OrangeTee to soar higher, Justin will chart new pathways in four key areas: a robust leadership structure, enhanced training roadmaps to boost agents’ skillsets, a new project marketing strategy to drive higher sales and most importantly, a dynamic recruitment strategy, which will empower current and budding leaders to leverage growth and mentorship opportunities.

Recognising the impact of proptech tools in enhancing efficiency, Justin will also continue driving digital innovations in OrangeTee. But given the ever-changing nature of technology, instead of prioritising on industry breakthroughs, Justin strives to develop relevant technology tools that will value-add and support agents to stay ahead of the curve.

“We are thrilled to have Justin join our team,” said Steven, Chief Executive Officer, OrangeTee & Tie. “OrangeTee is committed to providing our clients with the highest level of expertise and we believe that his proven track record of success will further propel us towards our goals.”

As a visionary, Justin is well-positioned to refresh and revitalise what OrangeTee represents. Whilst he has a plethora of achievements – such as consecutive Top Producer awards and being Lead Project IC for different developments – under his belt, he prides himself on his client-centric disposition. His values align perfectly with OrangeTee’s mission: offering unique and effective solutions that exceed clients’ expectations. With his forward-thinking, experience and fresh perspective, he will undoubtedly bring value to the company.

“OrangeTee has always been close to my heart, so I am thrilled to be back here and excited to take charge of the next chapter for the agency. Client satisfaction remains at the core of everything we do. And with this commitment in mind, my goal is to build an enabling ecosystem that makes all our stakeholders convinced, without a doubt, that it’s good to be with OrangeTee!” said Justin Quek, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, OrangeTee & Tie. 

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