SYDNEY, June 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CVS Lane LN Pty Ltd ACN 627 251 736 (“the Issuer“) proposes to issue debentures (in the form of loan notes) in a number of series up to aggregate face value of $250 million of (Debentures) for subscription by Investors. The Issuer will invest the proceeds of calls to be made under the Debentures in secured real estate debt loans to Australian property owners and developers.

The Issuer is part of the CVS Lane Group, an experienced non-bank, private property lender in Australia, which manages a significant portfolio of Australian real estate loan facilities including via its two flagship real estate funds – the CVS Lane Property Finance Fund and the CVS Lane First Mortgage Fund. The Issuer will invest in similar loan facilities and may invest alongside the two funds.

The loans will typically be on more flexible lending terms than those offered by the mainstream banks and thereby achieve an enhanced return for the Investors. The loan facilities would be provided as secured (either first mortgage or subordinated) debt facilities in funding land acquisition, construction, residual stock and other commercial loans.

Typical investments are expected to be in the $10m$50m range, for a term up to 36-months and will earn Investors a target net interest rate ranging between 1month BBSY + 4.00% – 9.00% p.a. The Investors in the Debentures will under a security trust have security over all the assets of the Issuer.

Debenture terms and returns will be tailored to individual transactions.

The Subscription Amount for the Debentures may be payable in instalments. Investors may be required to meet calls pro rata as capital is required by the Issuer to fund investments.

The Issuer is inviting prospective Investors to participate in the proposed Debenture issues to be undertaken in June 2023 and periodically thereafter. Interested Investors are invited to notify the Issuer of their interest in the proposed Debenture Issues and the scale of their prospective interest in each Debenture issue.

The offer is made to investors who qualify as ‘wholesale investors’ as defined in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Act). The Issuer is a corporate authorised representative of CVS Lane Capital Partners Pty Ltd ACN 155 490 154 (AFSL 421125).The Issuer has appointed Polar 993 Limited ACN 642 129 226 (AFSL 525458) (Intermediary) as its intermediary under section 911A(2)(b) of the Act for the purposes of the Intermediary or its authorised representatives making offers to people to arrange for the issue, variation or disposal of the loan notes.  The Issuer may only issue, vary or dispose of such loan notes in accordance with such offers, provided they are accepted. 

A term sheet and detailed Information Memorandum are available upon request. A Supplementary Information Memorandum will be issued for each issue of Debentures and will outline the specific terms and returns for that transaction.