HONG KONG, July 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TOWNPLACE, the quality residential leasing brand for young professionals under Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP) (0016.HK), will launch its new mega flagship project TOWNPLACE WEST KOWLOON in the second half of 2023. A total of 843 units will be offered in phases throughout the project, making it the largest quality rental project for young talents in Hong Kong. To meet the dynamic demand of the market, the project adopts an innovative “Aparthotel” concept that offers flexible leasing terms, from daily, monthly to yearly. The project offers individual layouts, mostly studios and one-bedroom as well as options of two-to three-bedrooms. All the units are elaborately crafted by renowned architectural and design firms, ranging from 243 square feet to 860 square feet in size. The project released the price list today (July 6) for the first batch of 105 units. Early-birds interested in studios and one-bedroom can enjoy a monthly rent starting from HK$13,800 and HK$18,800 respectively while occupancy in two-bedrooms and the most spacious three-bedroom units will cost from HK$30,800 and HK$52,800 per month, respectively.

Four main room types and special Trio reimagine the premium living experience for forward-looking young professionals.

TOWNPLACE WEST KOWLOON partnered with the world-renowned interior design practice Conran and Partners, and the top Hong Kong-based architectural firm LAAB to elaborately craft four main room types  and Trio, the special offering, to accommodate the mixed needs of young professionals, immersing them in a tailor-made living space with optimal experience.

Studio: Exclusive, personalized realm with maximal space utilization

Studio is the modern-day synonym of flexible, multi-function indoor realm beloved by new-gen young professionals, for whom TOWNPLACE WEST KOWLOON has elaborately curated five layouts with distinct partition schemes, ranging from 243 to 423 square feet in size. The sea frontage and extra-high ceiling unanimously inspire all our studios with a perfect view that brings the Victoria Harbour, buzzing cityscape or towering IFC and ICC into the room. The commodious office area uses an extra-large work surface and extendable desk to flexibly blend work in life settings, skillfully managing the needs of young professionals for home offices. The extra-high ceiling is fully harnessed to construct vertical storage spaces, thoughtfully maximizing the use of available space and delivering a stylish and enriched domesticity to address young professionals’ diverse needs.

One-bedroom Unit (1BR): Multi-function home with nuanced spatial versatility

One-bedroom units, the iconic offering between 429 and 686 square feet in size, feature spatially interconnected rooms and an open view. Thoughtfully designed 90-degree glass corner windows bring outdoor scenery in, giving residents splendor of Victoria Harbour. An open-space design ethos is practiced to celebrate minimalistic and modern silhouettes in the extra-large work surface that is bivalent purposed for work. The extra-high ceiling is fully employed to admit functional set-ups like vertical storage spaces and wall-mounted shelves, juicing up the work and life of young professionals with all possibilities. The foldable sofa set can be conveniently transformed for either private or socializing moments, whose adaptability guarantees a cozy hideaway.

Two-bedrooms Unit (2BR): Lightweight thinking for enhanced spatial makeover

TOWNPLACE WEST KOWLOON also proudly presents two-bedroom units in sizes from 533 to 668 square feet. Customized bunk bed or loft bed, closely knitted with the cabinet and desk, delights the bedroom with a flexible and graceful design language to efficiently use and orderly arrange the indoor space. The extra-large workbench and 90-degree glass corner windows by the bedside provide a panoramic view of the ocean,boosting work efficiency and quality amid interior tranquility. The interconnected living room and kitchen articulate a balanced space with easy pass-through and separate functionalities. A well-structured visual hierarchy is composed by the spacious desktop, soft sofa and Victoria Harbour in the distance, further opening up the sight and accentuating the expansive sea view for unparalleled spatial malleability and functional extensibility.

Three-bedrooms Unit (3BR): Panoramic sea view for transparency in living spaces

Three-bedroom units, the largest of all, come in sizes from 846 to 860 square feet and are beholden to oceanic panorama. An unobstructed view and capacious space are enlivened by an open floor plan that links up the living and dining rooms. The main bedroom, with a king-sized bed, informs a simplistic and serene ambience touched up by quiet color tones. Of the two guest bedrooms, one adopts a bespoke bed in a wall-mounted, suspended design that enables a holistic sensibility together with the wall, and fits a multi-tiered cabinet under the bed to make the best use of space; the other makes the pick of a bed-desk monolith, incorporating storage, work and sleep in one form factor. Select sanitary ware and a spacious bathtub in the washroom, with separate bath and toilet, relax the dwellers with an exclusive peace of mind. The assortment of branded furniture and appliances furbishes life with smart convenience. The modern design philosophy endows young professionals with a locus for snug community and liberating repose.

Trio: Meaningful functional layout for domestic comfort

TOWNPLACE WEST KOWLOON also joined hands with the architects to conceptualize the ingenious Trio units. 593 square feet in size, it separates the three functional spaces of bedroom, study and washroom, with the add-ons of an open living room, elevating the interior with spaciousness, transparency and functional clarity. The purpose-driven, partitioned design amazes young professionals with privacy and coziness, as well as exalted utilization and functionality.

Best-in-class composition and ultra-high value epitomize a stylish lifestyle for young professionals in Hong Kong

Ingeniously designed and thoughtfully composed, the functionally capable and aesthetically pleasing TOWNPLACE WEST KOWLOON breezily meets the varied needs of young professionals with multiple, differentiating room types. Owing to the innovative Aparthotel concept that offers flexible leasing terms, residents can arrange their stay on a daily, monthly or even annual basis, perfect for short business trips or extended sojourns. Best-in-class composition and ultra-high value make their dream of career potential, lived experience and added-value in an ideal adobe come true, portraying their sought-after life with turnkey accessibility.


Established in 2019, “TOWNPLACE” is a ground-breaking residential flexi-leasing brand of Sun Hung Kai Properties, offering twin properties of TOWNPLACE SOHO and TOWNPLACE KENNEDY TOWN. It provides three leasing options of Serviced, Furnished and Unfurnished apartments with varied interior designs to cater for different tastes, and lease terms starting from as short as one month.

“TOWNPLACE” further expands its human-centric livable space, striving to enhance the young professionals’ living experience through the brand-new concept of living “Aparthotel”. Being the largest flagship quality leasing project for young talent, TOWNPLACE WEST KOWLOON will be launched in the second half of 2023.

“TOWNPLACE” is the first to introduce the unique Community concept into the market which connects residents closely to help expand their social and professional networks. By meeting like-minded neighbors in the TOWNPLACE Community, friendships are developed and a sharing economy emerges. TOWNPLACE is more than a place to live.

For more information, please visit TOWNPLACE WEST KOWLOON at

Website: https://westkowloon.townplace.com.hk/

Address: 10 Lai Ying Street, West Kowloon

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