• The “Link Up” app seamlessly integrates Link members and the community, showcasing the latest dining, parking, shopping, and community events information
  • Featuring six distinctive upgraded features, it offers exclusive benefits for members and fosters friendships through social interaction
  • To advocate for “Link Up”, celebrities Law Kar-ying and Joey Thye step in as brand ambassadors

HONG KONG, July 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Over the years, LINK has continuously improved its shopping mall facilities and services to cater to customers’ needs, while strengthening its community ties. A new upgraded “Link Up” mobile application provides real-time parking information, place-making events, exclusive merchant discounts, shopping rewards for members, green living tips, and team missions. Also, it encourages mission sharing and interaction among friends. As brand ambassadors, celebrities Law Kar-ying and Joey Thye promote the “Link Up” mobile application, inviting users to experience a revamped, one-stop lifestyle information hub. Users can forge deeper community connections using this app.

A fresh and dynamic promotional video for "Link Up" has been created exclusively by Link with Law Kar-ying and Joey Thye and reworked a classic Cantopop song.
A fresh and dynamic promotional video for “Link Up” has been created exclusively by Link with Law Kar-ying and Joey Thye and reworked a classic Cantopop song.

Upgraded “Link Up” – Experience member exclusive rewards & strengthened community bonding

With “Link Up”, members can access community updates and exclusive perks along with information, benefits, and entertainment. The addition of several new features strengthens the bond between members and the community. The “Hub” feature provides a platform for members to explore and appreciate the local community lifestyle by sharing achievements in community building. “Interest Club” posts regular updates on green living, such as seasonal food ingredients, recipes, hiking tours, activities for parents and kids, and local attractions and events. Missions allows members to take part in challenges individually or as a team, such as environmental recycling reward missions. This feature promotes sustainable living and a healthy lifestyle.

Law Kar-ying and Joey Thye collaborates, ingeniously adapting a classic song to engage the public

A fresh and dynamic promotional video for “Link Up” has been created exclusively by Link with Law Kar-ying and Joey Thye. It is a creative reworking of the classic Cantopop song “Without The Two Of Us”, transforming it into “Connected You Every Minute”. Link Up’s diverse features are incorporated into the reimagined lyrics, making it an unforgettable duet. A catchy tune like this is sure to captivate audiences! Several iconic movie characters are portrayed in the video by Law Kar-ying, while Joey Thye plays a family member. The perfect duo exemplifies the essence of “Link Up” – it’s not simply an app, it’s a platform that facilitates community, helps families connect, and embodies the ethos of “Together, reap without limits”.

“Link Up Big Game Day”: Online and offline interactions bring new community experiences

Beginning on 31 July, Link will launch an engaging initiative named “Link Up Big Game Day” to enhance understanding of its upgraded “Link Up”. Three major shopping malls will serve as the hub of this multifaceted gaming strategy. This event blends mobile applications with physical games, providing a new twist to classic childhood games. It brings together families to play together, reviving children’s childhood memories while reuniting adults with their childlike spirit. “Link Up” enhances interactive communication, and enables the entire city to experience a new style of community living, improving community relations and neighbourhood dynamics. You may even join forces with Law Kar-ying and Joey Thye to form a game team!

“Link Up” new member welcome offers and Metro Radio anniversary music concert ticket lottery

“Link Up” is launching a string of exciting promotions, including welcome bonuses. Newly registered “Link Up” members can participate in the  Metro Info 15th  Anniversary Music Fantasia Concert 2023 ticket lottery from 15 to 31 July. This gives them an opportunity to win two complimentary concert tickets, where they can enjoy performances by celebrated singers such as Hins Cheung, Jay Fung, Terrence Lam, Phil Lam, and Gin Lee. A “Minute-by-Minute Tongue Twister” challenge will be held at twelve designated Link malls from 15 to 30 July. Prizes will be awarded if participants can swiftly recite the reimagined lyrics of “Connected You Every Minute” within a set timeframe.

Terms and conditions apply. The programme is subject to change without prior notice.

Trade Promotion Competition Licence No.: 57357

Download Link Up now: https://bit.ly/43xEeYp

Video Link: https://bit.ly/44CN08o

Download photos: https://bit.ly/APPlinkup

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