SINGAPORE, July 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Potain, a Manitowoc company, recently unveiled the MCT 1105 flat-top tower crane to meet the needs of the high-rise building, water conservation and transportation segments within the construction sector. Equipped with an 80 meter jib, the MCT 1105 has a maximum capacity of 50 tons within a radius of 21.8 meters. When equipped with Potain’s 25 DVFC 25 trolley, the model can transport 50 tons horizontally at a speed of 33 meters per minute. MCT 1105 features 13 adjustable jib lengths, enabling the unit to handle virtually any kind of lifting or transferring task on a construction site.

Since its founding in 1928 in La Clayette, France, Potain has remained dedicated to the design and manufacture of tower cranes. The company’s cranes can be found at construction sites worldwide, from the le Viaduc de Millau viaduct in France to San Francisco’s Golden Gate and Bay Bridges in the United States and the Three Gorges Dam in China.

In 1928, Potain began with the production of smaller units, including its first crane mounted on wheels with rotational capabilities. In 1932, Potain introduced its first RECORD crane. In 1951, the firm debuted a top-slewing crane, the R6, with a telescoping mast, distributor, and remote control. In 1955, Potain released the 404 crane with a telescoping cage, an innovative design that facilitated easier and more reliable construction of taller buildings. Since then, Potain’s engineers have developed rapid-assembly telescopic cranes and gantry cranes. In 1968, the launch of the 982 crane set a world record, capable of lifting 3 tons to a height of 65 meters in just 30 seconds.

Potain shares a deep connection with the tower crane industry in China, having witnessed and participated in its birth and subsequent growth. In 1984, under the aegis of the former Ministry of Construction, Potain’s three tower crane models and a complete set of manufacturing technologies were introduced into China after extensive technical deliberation and on-site inspections by the industry’s decision makers at the time: China Construction Machinery Corporation, Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute, Sichuan Construction Machinery Factory, Shenyang Construction Machinery Factory, and Beijing Construction Engineering Machinery Factory. The move served as the catalyst for the subsequent rapid growth of China’s tower crane sector.

In 1995, Potain commenced production in China with the opening of a factory in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province. Today, the plant has evolved into Potain’s main manufacturing facility in the Asia-Pacific region, producing a full range of tower cranes as part of its localization strategy for product development.

For 95 years, Potain has sold and installed more than 150,000 tower cranes worldwide. The breadth of the product range, the ongoing technological innovation and the diverse array of features available in Potain’s crane lineup assure their presence in every kind of construction scenario. Potain’s cranes can be found adorning the skylines of major cities worldwide.

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