HONG KONG, Sept. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Unispace, a global leader in creating people-centric spaces, today announced the completion of its latest project in Hong Kong with AlphaSights. AlphaSights, a global leader in providing knowledge-on-demand, sought to expand its operations in Hong Kong to cater to its growing workforce and client demands. Unispace’s expertise in crafting transformative workspaces played a pivotal role in delivering a cutting-edge office environment aligned with AlphaSights’ global vision.

AlphaSights recognized the importance of creating a workspace that fosters employee productivity and collaboration to drive client excellence while seamlessly integrating the workplace with their global brand identity.

“We are thrilled with Unispace’s dedication and expertise in delivering a workspace that caters to our evolving needs,” said Chloe Kershen, Director of Workplace Experience and Real Estate at AlphaSights. “The new office provides our team with a functional and collaborative environment that enhances productivity and employee well-being.”

A prominent feature of the new office is the breathtaking panoramic view of Victoria Harbour. Unispace skillfully maximized this captivating vista, incorporating it into the design of the pantry and boardroom. The result is an inspiring and captivating space that unites the team, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation. Additionally, the office’s unique design seamlessly aligns with AlphaSights’ global branding, creating a cohesive identity across all their locations.

“Unispace is thrilled to support AlphaSights in transforming their workspace in Hong Kong,” shared Joanne Morris, Head of Design and Delivery at Unispace. “Our people-centric approach to design allowed us to create a modern and inspiring office space that empowers AlphaSights’ team to thrive.”

The successful collaboration between Unispace and AlphaSights exemplifies both companies’ commitment to delivering excellence and fostering employee well-being. The transformed workspace not only accommodates AlphaSights’ growth but also reinforces their position as a global leader in knowledge on-demand.

For more information about Unispace and their design services, visit the case study via this link.

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Founded in 2008, AlphaSights is the global leader in knowledge on-demand. We connect investors and business leaders with the knowledge they need to succeed. Working from nine cities globally, our 1500+ colleagues provide round-the-clock coverage to the world’s top investment funds, consultancies, and Fortune 500s. Learn more about us at https://www.alphasights.com/