CHONGQING, China, Oct. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A news report from iChongqing Chongqing The grand opening of In City Chongqing on September 28, as the pioneer establishment in Chongqing’s tallest tower, the International Land Sea Center, has marked the inaugural appearance of numerous renowned international brands in the southwestern China.

Crowds watching the lion dance in front of the Galeries Lafayette store. (Photo/In City Chongqing)
Crowds watching the lion dance in front of the Galeries Lafayette store. (Photo/In City Chongqing)

Launching on a regular weekday morning did not suggest the bustle would ensue. However, the reality was a stark contrast. Crowds gathered in throngs, buzzing around the opening ceremony, making the place overflowing with excitement. 

As the inauguration ceremony concluded at 10 a.m., masses surged into the new commercial hub. The venue was animated with lion dances, exuding the traditional Chinese festive atmosphere, and featured performances in the form of international theatre.

Serving as one of the leading commercial formats of the soon-to-be-unveiled highest building in the city, the International Land-Sea Center has sparked significant interest in its potential to elevate its commercial appeal.

Among over 200 brands launching, Galeries Lafayette and Tsutaya Bookstore attracted considerable attention. 

First Galeries Lafayette in Southwestern China

Galeries Lafayette, a prestigious French department store and one of the largest in Europe, has opened its fourth store. This boutique concept store mirrors its presence in Shenzhen but is smaller than its outlets in Beijing and Shanghai.

Mr. Lawrance Shum, CEO of Galeries Lafayette China, voiced his optimism about the city, praising Chongqing’s global recognition for its economic development, fashion scene, and urban business landscape.

When asked about the size of the store, Shum expressed that this boutique focuses primarily on meeting local consumers’ unique fashion and lifestyle needs, offering more curated brands and customized products.

Limited edition purse designed with Chongqing’s city flower

Tsutaya Bookstore, established in 1982 in Hirakata, Japan, penetrated the Chinese market in 2020. The newly inaugurated store in Chongqing is their tenth outlet in China.

Takuya Nomura, the Chairman of Tsutaya Investment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said that this bookstore targets young individuals aged between 20 and 30 and office workers.

“The philosophy of the bookstore is ‘share station,’ and we have created a unique shopping place where people can encounter novelty, experience comfort, and maintain trustworthiness,” Nomura said.

Bridging News reporter noticed that through the bookstore’s windows, a direct view of the Jialing River with abundant daylight and a unique scenic line is seen. Moreover, the bookstore will also sell a range of Japanese original edition books.

When asked about exclusive products for this store, Nomura revealed a limited edition metal frame purse designed with the pattern of Chongqing’s city flower, the Camellia. This exclusive product is crafted by the renowned purse maker Matsuhiro from Kyoto.

A citizen interviewed anticipated that the location would become highly popular due to the convenience of shopping here, as the subway Line 9 directly connects to the fourth floor of the mall, leading patrons straight to Tsutaya Bookstore’s entrance immediately upon exit.

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