Charity Donation Paves the Way for Expanded Beneficiary Services for the Elderly

SINGAPORE, Nov. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Marko & Friends™, a respected provider of real estate investment courses, has embarked on a heartwarming journey of community support, extending a helping hand to Willing Hearts, a secular and non-affiliated charity organisation in Singapore. At a special handover ceremony with lion dance and festivities for the community which took place at Willing Hearts’ premises in 1 Lor J Telok Kurau on Tuesday, 31 October, the founder of Marko & Friends™, Marko, personally presented a brand new state-of-the-art van, valued at SGD$150,000, to Tony Tay, Founder of Willing Hearts.

Marko & Friends™ (In Pink) presenting the Van to Tony Tay, Founder of Willing Hearts at a Lion Dance Ceremony at Willing Hearts’ premises
Marko & Friends™ (In Pink) presenting the Van to Tony Tay, Founder of Willing Hearts at a Lion Dance Ceremony at Willing Hearts’ premises

The newly donated van will add to the 4 existing vans in Willing Hearts enabling them to further enhance their elderly care initiative, expanding their services to include a broader range of activities so that senior folks are able to socialise in their daily lives by providing ease of transportation back and forth to their premises.

Willing Hearts has served as a beacon of hope for a wide spectrum of beneficiaries in Singapore, delivering nearly 7,000 daily meals at 70 locations year-round since 2005. Their recipients range from the elderly and people with disabilities to low-income families, single-parent households, and diligent migrant labourers. Distinguished by their holistic charitable approach, Willing Hearts not only provides essential meals but also extends vital services like dental care, traditional Chinese medicine treatments, optical care, and bereavement support. Their steadfast commitment to community well-being has earned them recognition as a Company with Limited Guarantee (CLG), Charity, and Institution of Public Character (IPC).

Fostering a Giving Spirit

On a mission to nurture a culture of generosity in Singapore, this donation is part of an ongoing commitment by Marko & Friends™ towards supporting the community, including donating more vans to charities around Singapore. Their ultimate aspiration is to ignite a culture of compassion with a visionary goal of contributing 100 freehold properties to charitable endeavours within the next 10 years.

Funds for this charitable endeavour were raised through their members’ contributions who also share Marko & Friends™’ vision for community support.

Marko, Founder of Marko & Friends™ commented, “Our journey in real estate education has not only been about investments but also about the investment we make in our community. We had the privilege to help Willing Hearts, an organisation that has touched the lives of thousands. With this donation, we aspire to foster a culture of generosity and kindness in Singapore.”

Willing Hearts has expressed profound gratitude for the donated van. This contribution is crucial for transporting their beneficiaries, especially the seniors, due to the growing demand for their services and their existing fleet of four vans.

Tony Tay, Founder of Willing Hearts, conveyed his heartfelt appreciation stating, “We had long held the aspiration to acquire a van to aid in the transportation of our elderly beneficiaries, yet the challenge of securing funding persistently stood in our way. To our delightful surprise, Marko & Friends™ reached out to us, offering a direct donation of a van, which we’ve since gladly accepted.”

About Marko & Friends™:

Marko & Friends™ is a leading provider of real estate investment courses in Singapore. With a commitment to educating individuals about the nuances of real estate investments, they empower their members to make informed financial decisions and create a more secure future.

About Willing Hearts:

Willing Hearts is a secular, non-affiliated charity organisation in Singapore. Run entirely by volunteers, they operate a soup kitchen that serves thousands of daily meals to those in need, with a focus on the elderly, the disabled, low-income families, and migrant workers. In addition to their meals, they offer a range of vital services to support the well-being of their beneficiaries.