What makes a good real estate agent? Most home sellers and buyers don’t know a good one from a mediocre one until it’s too late, so if you want to stand out from the crowd, increase your credibility and keep your clients (happy), then make sure you check the boxes for these qualities that people look for in a good real estate agent.


#1 – Local knowledge
Buyers in particular will find it incredibly important to engage a real estate agent who is familiar with the area in which they are looking to purchase property, and is able to provide valuable input regarding local market conditions. A real estate agent’s experience and knowledge of a neighborhood’s schools, demographics, safety, restaurants and even shortcuts are a vital factor to most buyers.

#2 – Legal knowledge
A real estate agent needs to have good legal knowledge of the real estate market, and the various legal proceedings and obligations that go with it. Clients, especially first-timers, will have little knowledge of the legal aspects of real estate, so it is important to find an agent who is familiar with the system and able to guide their clients through the buying or selling process.

#3 – Honesty
Buyers and sellers need an honest agent, one that will tell them like it is, even if it’s not what they want to hear. More often than not, a house described as “cozy” is in reality smaller than expected, while “waterfront” can simply mean overlooking the Klang River. A good agent will tell their client both pros and cons of a property, instead of just singing its praises and neglecting to mention other less favourable aspects.

#4 – Organized
Nobody wants to hire an agent who can’t find important documents, or forgets to meet a client, do they? It is vital for a good real estate agent to be organized and put together. Keeping track of client updates, to-do lists, emails, phone calls, meetings and documents will prove difficult if there is lack of organization and discipline.

#5 – Good communication
Communication with clients is key in the real estate market. People need an agent who will alert them to changes in their current situation – be it buying or selling – so that they can make decisions accordingly. Clients and customers are often frustrated by lack of communication from their agent, especially when agents are not consistent in returning calls, emails or giving updates.

#6 – Tech-savvy
An agent who is up-to-date with the latest technology is more likely to be well-informed about the market in an area, as well as the latest trends and updates in the real estate market. Home buyers and investors now go online to search for properties, so it is important for real estate agents to have a visible online presence, as well as being able to navigate commonly-used apps to locate new properties and keep in touch with clients.

#7 – Understands client’s needs
A good real estate agent is one who listens to their client and understands their needs, instead of pushing a certain property just to close a deal. For example, a client who is selling an investment property will have different sentiments from one who is selling their family home. The client’s needs should be the top priority, and understanding their requirements is the key to closing a successful deal.

#8 – Credible
Credibility goes a long way in most circles, and the property market is no exception. A good real estate agent with satisfied customers is more likely to receive recommendations and referrals, which in turn helps to increase the agent’s credibility.