AraGreens Residences by HSB Development is the first of its kind in Malaysia, and in the region, to offer medically enabled homes to buyers, with the added benefits of dual green building certifications.

The AraGreens development located in Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya comprises two components, Aragreens Residences and Aragreens Village. AraGreens Residences and AraGreens Village is built on a 7.5-acre piece of freehold land with a landscaped area of 4.76 acres, providing 26 recreational and wellness facilities that caters to residents of all ages. The project successfully integrates the 3 concepts of health and wellness, multi-generation living, and innovative green building design across six towers of serviced apartments with a total of 700 units. The units range from 2-bedroom units to spacious 6-bedroom garden villas. One of the intention is to create a communal aspect by having a community whereby the residents can get to enjoy, share and

Health & Wellness
Each Aragreens Residences unit will have Medihome (Medically Enabled Home System), a propriety product by HSC Healthcare, that enables residents to periodically check their health status within the comforts of home. The medical data will then be transmitted wirelessly and stored securely in the central medical hub located within the development. The Medihome system monitors the residents’ health and if need be, provides medical diagnosis and treatment. Members can also view, store and analyze their personal health records remotely via an app on their mobile devices. This will contribute to families’ health and wellbeing, especially those with specific diseases or elderly members.543826_150221761848761_302078000_n

Besides the unique Medihome system, the architectural design of AraGreens Residences ensures that facilities are wheelchair friendly, elderly friendly and also child friendly. There is a 1.4km jogging track within the development for residents who enjoy a jog or leisurely stroll. Other facilities include a swimming pool, soccer filed, skate park, herb garden, BBQ area, rock wall climbing, games room, gym, karaoke, as well as basketball, tennis, badminton and squash court, among others.

Located right beside the Aragreens Residences will be the AraGreens Village, which offers a gallery of lifestyle shops, fine dining to fast food and specialty restaurants. A medical tower will be built in Aragreens Village to offer medical services, physiotherapy services, childcare and nursing services for the elderly. One of the highlights in the AraGreens Village is the nursing services – a joint venture service between HSC HeathCare and Japan Medical Care Service – an authentic Japanese style nursing facility chosen specifically for its experiences in delivering high-quality services, experience and care management.1531646_194378197433117_1534621723_o

Multi Generation Homes
AraGreens Residences’ dual key design layout offers multi-generation families to stay together under one roof without sacrificing individual and family privacy, while being flexible enough for families to upsize or downsize. It is Asian culture and tradition to live with parents and grandparents, because it gives them a sense of security, safety, and solidarity, in addition to leaving property in the hands of future generations. Children also benefit from having elders within the household, as they can absorb precious teachings, language, values, culture and tradition, thus allowing priceless family bonding and traditions to live on. AraGreens’ dual key units are designed to cater to priceless Asian values and traditions without compromising on modern lifestyles, making it the perfect homes for extended families.
Economically, the dual key design also allows owners the option to rent out the main unit or adjoining studio unit to generate extra income. It is the ideal blend of ownership and investment.1000293_150220838515520_1334750899_n

Innovative Green Design
Another highlight of AraGreens Residences is its dual Green Building Certifications: one from the Green Building Index (GBI) Malaysia, and the other a Gold Plus Level certification from Green Mark Singapore. The green elements of the buildings emphasize on various factors, including the 3R (reduce, reuse, and recycle), energy efficiency, renewable energy, natural ventilation, daylight maximization, rainwater harvesting, and lush green landscaping. The buildings will incorporate elements such as daylight provision of up to 80%, car park mechanical fans with carbon dioxide sensors, usage of drought tolerant plants, air conditioning systems with CO2 sensors and air regulation, and energy-saving lifts, in order to promote measures to prevent environmental pollution, improve indoor environment quality, increase energy and water efficiency, and ultimately increase property value.

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